Shootings In Fort Myers

Shootings in Fort Myers Leave 2 Dead and 16 Wounded

Fort Myers nightclub Club Blu was the scene of a shooting that left two dead and at least 16 wounded on Monday, officials reported. The shooting occurred outside as it closed and hosted a beach-themed “swimsuit glow party” for teenagers.

Southwest Florida city Port Charlotte remains in shock following Hurricane Ian’s destructive impact, destroying homes and businesses and leaving many waiting months or years for insurance payouts to arrive.

Miami-Dade County sent utility workers into the affected areas in hopes of quickly getting water lines running again; unfortunately, some homeowners remain without access to electricity and cannot use their services.

Some Fort Myers residents are concerned about how the storm’s effect will impact voter turnout during November elections. A number of voting precincts were damaged in the storm and officials want them kept open so residents can vote.

Even amid all of this destruction, residents are grateful for the help they’ve received from government agencies and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, Tom Cummiskey, 87 years old and longtime resident who evacuated to an island on the day the storm struck is still struggling as his house and trailer have both been lost to fire since. He can’t return home.

Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt of Fort Myers Beach believes the devastation brought by Hurricane Ian to their town by comparable to some European cities during World War II. Officials are working in tents and trailers in an attempt to rebuild as much as they can after it tore through their community.

One family found solace in one positive outcome of Hurricane Irma: they managed to retrieve and save a wedding ring that had been lost during its destruction, left in their car but ultimately discovered and kept.

Hurricane Irma left its victims displaced and living under its scorching heat has made life more challenging than ever, as air conditioning units were destroyed and water supply cut off to their community.

Toribio and his wife have found relief by moving into new apartments at Portofino Cove, constructed in 2019 off Ortiz Avenue between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Hanson Street – in an area where crime rates have not experienced too much change.

Gunshots were startling to the couple who have lived at Vistas at Eastwood apartment complex for roughly eight months and regularly experienced disturbances in the building, yet peaceful solutions seem unlikely.

The couple, who has an infant at home, were transporting their daughter to school before 9 a.m. Thursday when they heard shots. While she remained asleep through this event, her husband reported fear for his daughter’s safety during this momentous event.

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