Shifty Shellshock Net Worth

Shifty Shellshock Net Worth

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of the show, “Shifty Shellshock”. You’ve probably even heard of the actor who plays the lead, Seth Brooks Binzer. If you haven’t heard of him, you should know that he’s got a net worth of over $10 million.

Seth Brooks Binzer

Besides being the frontman of Crazy Town, Shifty Shellshock has also battled addiction demons. He is currently in an intensive care unit. While it is unknown what exactly is causing the star’s condition, friends and fans have speculated substance abuse might be the cause.

According to a court filing, Seth Brooks Binzer’s former girlfriend, Jasmine Lennard, learned about his hospitalization through friends. The former couple had a four-year relationship, and they had a son together. But they split up in 2008. Their son, Gage, was diagnosed with diabetes. She said she struggled to pay for his medical costs, and she left the relationship to focus on his well-being.

Binzer is a talented artist and filmmaker. He is currently working on a documentary with Soleil Moon Frye. He appeared in the 2005 film Hustle & Flow, and was a lead actor in the 2004 short film Willowbee. He also had a minor role in the 1994 film Clifford.


During the doldrums of the early aughts, Shellshock was a slacker slacker. While he was able to wrangle his girlfriend, he was unable to wrangle his arse out of her. He was also unable to keep her on the straight and narrow. What was he doing? Well, he was the heir to the throne, albeit of the ilk of a petty slob. This proved to be a major setback, one that was quickly and easily remedied. The one and only thing he wished he had done was get a grip on his responsibilities. The aforementioned calamity, accompanied by the neophyte’s escapade, ensnared him in the aforementioned peril. One would assume a slap y slacker of the ilk would have walked. Fortunately, Shellshock was rescued by a plethora of apex players.


Basically, Shifty is a mixtape artist from Manchester, England. He is not particularly well known but has garnered a cult following. He has also been in the news for his arrest for burglary and assault. He has been in intensive care for more than a week. He is scheduled to release a new album in 2022.

He has been featured on television shows like Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. He has also been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone and Maxim. He has also been in the news for a few bungles.

His ode to the elusive genie is a bit too cheesy. He also has been convicted of possession of cocaine, assault, and burglary. The most lurid of all, however, has been his sex life.


Among the more popular monikers is Shifty Shellshock, the co-founder of the aforementioned group. He has appeared in several of the group’s music videos and was even lead actor in a short film called Willowbee. He has also voiced over the Shark Hunter: Ultimate Tournament series. Despite the group’s success, Shellshock has been fighting an addiction to cocaine for several years.

He was also the star of a VH1 reality show called Celebrity Rehab. However, he has been slapped with numerous warrants for unrelated crimes, leaving him with little to no money to speak of. Shifty’s family is now looking to the courts for an olive branch, hoping to see their son returned to his former self.

Among the group’s most notable musical contributions is a song titled “Butterfly”. However, he and his band mates have failed to replicate the success of their debut album.


Known as Seth Brooks Binzer, Shifty Shellshock was born on August 23, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is a co-founder of the rock band Crazy Town. The band has released two studio albums, a live album, and a live DVD.

Shifty Shellshock has been arrested for drug addiction and domestic abuse. He has been involved in reality TV shows like Celebrity Rehab and Sober House 1. In 2010, he started dating actress Jasmine Lennard. They separated in 2011. He was married to Melissa Clark in 2002, but they divorced in 2011.

He began working as a member of the band Crazy Town in 1999, but left two years later. The band reformed in 2007. They released their third album in 2015. The band also performed live for the first time in five years. The album sold 2 million copies worldwide.

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