Shana Pedroso Marvin Brito

Shana Pedroso and Marvin Brito Face Charges in the Death of Their Daughter Sofia

Shana Pedroso and her husband, Marvin Brito, are facing charges in connection to the death of their daughter, Sofia. They were arrested last year on abuse charges, and a search of their property revealed diary entries about beating children for years. The couple was indicted on charges related to Sofia’s death and the injuries of her younger brother.

After a grand jury indicted them, both women were taken into custody. A statement from the Worcester District Attorney’s Office said the family has “an established history of child abuse.” On February 2, 2018, Fitchburg Police responded to a small house fire. It was at that time that the two were discovered. Later, they were taken into custody on several assault charges.

When police arrived, they found a 6-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl both in very bad shape. The boy had a large injury to his face and neck, and the girl was unresponsive. The boy reported that he and his sister had been attacked by bullies.

A victim impact statement was read by the boy. He said his parents had been out of the house, and he and his sister were being attacked by bullies. As he spoke, he referred to his mother by her first name, Shana.

According to the prosecutor, the boy had not slept in his own bed for more than two years, and he was still in therapy. His uncle describes him as a strong, resilient kid who has a lot of grit. The boy also said his sister did not have a friend, and he said his parents were not very nice to him.

Marvin Brito had called the authorities because he believed his daughter was not breathing, and the police believed Shana was at home. Both defendants are now in jail without bail. But the couple will appear before a judge for a status review of the case on January 6.

The family had a history of abuse, and both have been indicted on charges associated with the death of their daughter. Brito was sentenced to eight years in prison in December. This is a reduction from the 12-year sentence prosecutors requested. Upon his release, he will serve three years probation. In addition to that, he will not have any contact with a child under 18.

The prosecution’s request for a reduced sentence was based on a claim that the family has no history of mental illness, but the defense lawyer did not dispute that. However, the prosecutor noted that there are many aspects of the case that are highly inculpatory.

According to the defense attorney, the prosecutor’s evidence is highly inculpatory and should be given a very high priority. That includes the ADA’s claim that the phone of the boy is a likely source of evidence.

The prosecution also has to prove that the defendants were the cause of Sofia’s death. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined that the girl died of blunt force trauma.

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