Seizing Opportunities: Elevate Your Freight Brokerage with HMD Financial’s Factoring

Do you ever feel like your logistics business is bursting with untapped potential? You see opportunity after opportunity, but there’s no way to get the capital or funding to continue taking your business to the next level.Why not consider utilizing freight broker factoring? With HMD Financial’s factor solutions designed specifically for freight brokerage companies, you’ll have the fuel you need to move forward on the road to long-term success.

Access Working Capital Through Freight Factoring Services

Having working capital is critical to any thriving business, and freight forwarders are no exception. With factor services, you will have a steady working income to exploit new opportunities and take your brokerage to the next level.

Our factoring company knows the peculiarities of the logistics industry inside and out. Our freight factoring solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of brokerage companies. We provide a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business and offer recommendations to help you develop the best possible growth strategy.

Unlike traditional bank loans, freight factoring gives you access to capital without debt or personal guarantees. We purchase your accounts receivable at a discount, providing you with immediate payment for work already completed. You get flexible, ongoing access to funds while still building your business on your own terms.

With a steady cash flow from freight factoring, you’ll have the means to increase marketing, take on more clients, upgrade technology, retain top talent, and pursue mergers or acquisitions. The expansion possibilities are endless when you have enough working capital behind you and a reliable financial partner like HMD Financial..

Grow Your Trucking Company With Strategic Factoring Solutions

With strategic factoring solutions, you can maximize your trucking company’s growth. Our industry expertise and tailored financing strategies allow you to take advantage of new opportunities and take your business to new heights.

Expand Your Fleet

You may need to buy additional trucks and hire more drivers to meet the increased demand and unlock new revenue streams. Our factoring services will provide you with the working capital needed to purchase additional equipment and expand your operations. With a steady income, you will have the funds to upgrade your fleet and expand your business.

Take On New Customers

Factoring through HMD Financial helps you fulfill large contracts and win new customers every day. By providing ongoing funding, we give you the ability to work with new customers without delay. Our solutions adapt to your changing needs. This allows you to approach valuable new partnerships as they arise.

Streamline Your Cash Flow

Our services provide a stable source of funds to pay your drivers and cover fuel costs while you wait for customers to pay you. With us, you will improve your cash flow cycle.

With strategic solutions and industry know-how, you can strengthen your company, expand its capabilities and grow continuously.

Partner With Experts to Unlock Your Brokerage’s Full Potential

Partner With Experts to Unlock Your Brokerage's Full Potential

Leverage Tailored Solutions

We offer factoring solutions customized to the unique characteristics of your business. If you need resources to scale quickly, our customized offerings will support your financial position in times of need.

Access a Dedicated Partner

You will find a dedicated partner interested in the long-term success of your company. Our team of logistics and finance professionals will provide support and guidance to help you overcome challenges, optimize and grow. Our firm will always be by your side, providing prompt and personalized service to grow and strengthen your business.

Empower Your Brokerage to Realize Its Full Potential

Discover new opportunities. Support is an important part of the development process. Join the ranks of freight companies that are already using factoring opportunities to grow their business.


Start realizing your full potential, grow and establish yourself in the marketplace. Factor Services, you will get your invoices paid and support your growth. Work with HMD Financial’s experienced factoring specialists. Control spending, identify new opportunities, and manage the future of your business.

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