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The View’s Sara Haines Has a Twin Sister!

Sara Haines has been a mainstay on The View since its inaugural season in 2002, becoming popularly known for her upbeat demeanor and endless smile. However, beyond being on television she also manages to be a mother, wife and has plenty going on in her personal life – not many know that she has twin sister!

Haines has amassed many accomplishments over her years as a TV host, journalist and author – from being an executive to being married to Max Shifrin since 2014 and sharing three children together: Alec, Sandra and Caleb.

But Sara appears to be experiencing difficulty in her relationship with Max. The View cohost recently disclosed something they do that is driving her crazy.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, co-hosts were discussing dating and relationships when Sara unexpectedly dropped an unexpected bombshell about her husband’s habit that makes her unhappy; her words made some of the other women in the panel laugh aloud.

Haines began her career at NBC’s Today show as a production coordinator after graduating from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2002. Additionally, she has contributed on Good Morning America and The Chase.

Haines announced her third pregnancy and shared details with viewers, such as how she managed her weight gain while “eating for two.” She was very open about this part of her journey.

At first, everything appeared to be going as smoothly as planned until nearing its conclusion. She stated that both herself and Max must make some difficult choices regarding their priorities and make a few tough choices as part of this pregnancy journey.

Haines noted that after making some difficult choices, they were able to devise a plan that would benefit their entire family; including altering some habits for the benefit of their youngest child’s health.

During her segment, the host discussed how she managed her pregnancy thanks to an effective diet and exercise regime. She went so far as to claim she never believed old wives tales about “eating for two”.

Recently, Haines has been wearing her wedding ring less frequently on-air and completely for two weeks prior. Fans quickly noticed this and speculated she may be considering ending their 14 year marriage; however, this mom of three quickly disproved such speculation on social media.

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