San Bernardino Accident Yesterday

A Tragic Car Crash Happened Yesterday

Car accidents in San Bernardino occur frequently and often lead to tragic results, with hundreds killed annually and thousands injured from speeding or drunk driving accidents. Over the last decade, accidents involving these two factors have become more frequent both locally as well as throughout California and nationwide.

San Bernardino is an economic powerhouse within the Inland Empire and home to popular attractions like Coussoulis Arena, Fox Performing Arts Center and Heritage House Museum. Additionally, it serves as county seat and tourist hub of San Bernardino County with over 200,000 residents calling home each year; car accidents happen frequently with numerous victims per year being hit by careless drivers on busy streets causing severe injuries, high medical costs and potential loss of income; it is therefore vital that anyone involved seek help from an experienced San Bernardino automobile crash attorney as soon as possible after an incident has taken place.

On Sunday afternoon in San Bernardino, one person was tragically killed when their minivan rear-ended a large truck, near Tippecanoe Avenue and Davidson Street. Authorities reported that the driver of the large truck failed to yield and hit their side, striking the van’s passenger door before colliding into its side panel.

Witnesses at the scene reported that both drivers appeared distracted from driving. One witness told KABC she believed the crash had been caused by excessive speed; she noted that vehicles on this stretch of road tend to drive quickly, and therefore likely speed was the factor here.

After the crash, the truck driver failed to provide medical aid and fled on foot from the scene of the accident, prompting authorities to search for him on foot. Meanwhile, his victim’s family have hired a San Bernardino truck accident attorney in order to file suit against the defendant truck driver.

Losing a loved one to an automobile collision can be extremely traumatic for family and friends left behind. Grief support groups offer comfort and guidance during this challenging period; contact your local San Bernardino grief support organization for more information.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, insurance will contact you to discuss a claim. Before speaking with any representative from an insurance company or making any settlement decisions alone, consult with one of San Bernardino’s car accident lawyers first to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation; our skilled lawyers will fight hard for what’s owed to you – medical expenses and lost income as well as damages to property can all be claimed back from insurers – so reach out today and arrange for a free consultation at our offices – our lawyers will fight hard on your behalf!

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