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Salters Cars Review

Salters Cars is a well known used car dealership. It is one of the few remaining yards, offering a wide range of used cars for sale. It also has a service centre and loan department. The reviews on the website are false, and are the result of salesmen being paid bonuses for positive reviews.

Salters Used Cars is one of the few car yards still standing

Salters Used Cars is one of the last remaining car yards in Brisbane’s ‘Magic Mile’, the precinct of motor vehicle dealerships which dominates the lower west side of the suburb. It has a long and distinguished history as a car buying destination. The car yards are now threatened by the rise in real estate prices and the convenience of the digital age.

The car yards of old are rapidly dying out, and locals fear that Salters will soon be the last of the car yards to remain in this once iconic area. However, despite its age, Salters Used Cars is still in business and the owner, Stephen Perera, has been in the car business for six years. He says that five percent of sales now come over the phone, a testament to the changing trends in commerce.

It offers a wide range of used cars

Salters Cars is a company that buys used cars in all different makes and models. This company will pay you top dollar for any type of car you have to sell. You don’t need to deal with middlemen and they will pay you right on the spot.

It has a service centre

If you’re looking for a service centre to look after your car, Salters Cars has you covered. They have five locations throughout South Brisbane. From the convenience of one location to the expert knowledge of their mechanics, you’ll find that Salters has a service centre that can meet your needs.

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