Ryan Sickler Net Worth

Ryan Sickler Net Worth

The stand-up comedian Ryan Sickler has been featured in various shows, but his main contribution to the entertainment world has been his podcasts. He started hosting the popular podcast “The CrabFeast” in 2009. Throughout the years, he has invited various guest comics to join him in this podcast, transforming it into a story-driven format.

Despite the fact that he has been able to enjoy a career in entertainment, Ryan has also been able to give credit to his father for his success. He says that the father is the one who got him into the line of comedy. His grandfather served in the US Army during World War 2 and his father in the Navy during Vietnam.

However, his relationship with his father was not smooth. When he was eleven, his father died from a heart attack. After that, Ryan went to a therapy session for abuse. Eventually, he was given the responsibility of taking care of his younger brother, Todd, and his twin brother, Derek. But, his mother never liked him. Initially, she preferred to have only Derek and Todd. This led to a divorce between the two, but thankfully not all marriages end in tragedy.

In addition to being a professional comic, Ryan is also a father and a producer. For five years, he was the writer and producer for the ABC Family channel. During his time, he also appeared on several shows such as Viceland’s Party Legends, Live at Gotham, and Tosh.

Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California with his daughter, Stella. Having a child with him while he is working is something that Ryan enjoys. Besides being a dad, he is also a podcaster. Currently, he is hosting the “Honey Dew” podcast. Aside from this, he also has his own YouTube channel.

As of 2018, Ryan’s album “Get a Hold of Yourself” ranked as the #1 comedy album on the iTunes charts and it reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart. Among his other work, he is the co-executive producer of the “Funny Dance Show” and the “Comedy Jam” in 2020.

Earlier, Ryan was married to Donna. Although he hasn’t shared pictures of his previous wife on social media, it is likely that she is the mother of his children. At this point, Ryan’s and Donna’s marriage ended through a divorce. Nevertheless, he and Donna still co-parent their children.

On top of that, he has a dog named Lily Rose. Currently, he supports the Los Angeles Lakers. And, he loves sushi.

Having a daughter is something that makes Ryan happy. He is also a fan of sports clubs. While he is not a full-time athlete, he is passionate about the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ryan is a well-known American stand-up comedian, and has been able to build an impressive net worth. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, but it is not certain if it will increase or decrease in the near future.

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