Ryan Evans Counting Cars Wife

Ryan Evans and His Wife Dana Pauley

Ryan Evans and his wife, Dana Pauley, have made a name for themselves in the car and truck world. They are the proud owners of several classic and custom vehicles, and Ryan has a passion for restoring them. He has also won numerous awards and accolades, including being inducted into the Mini Truck Hall of Fame.

Dana Pauley

Ryan Evans married Dana Pauley on March 15, 2015. They share a son, Logan. The couple lives in Los Angeles, Nevada, and they are very active on social media. They frequently share pictures of Logan and their family. They also have a strong passion for tattoos and have been known to support tattoo artists on Twitter.

In the eighth season of the show, the team invited Ryan to the SEMA show where he was inducted into the Mini Truck Hall of Fame. He was part of the sixth group of inductees. He also attended the SEMA Kick-Off Party at the Hogs and Heifers Saloon, which was attended by the Count’s Kustoms crew.

Ryan Evans’ net worth is estimated at $1 million. He works at an auto-body shop and has a close relationship with his co-workers. Ryan’s car collection is not extensive, but he owns a Golden 1969 Cadillac Coupe Custom.

Count’s Kustoms

Ryan Evans has made a name for himself as the painter and graphic artist for Count’s Kustoms, a motorcycle shop that he founded in Las Vegas. After proving his worth, he was promoted to be the head painter. Before joining the Count’s Kustoms crew, he had previously worked for a bike shop owned by Shanon. Once he gained experience and became a reliable crew member, Dany invited Ryan to become a part of the main crew of the shop. Today, he is one of Dany’s go-to people and his role has expanded as a whole.

Before joining Count’s Kustoms, Ryan Evans was an avid fan of choppers and two-wheelers. Before the show aired, he worked for the company as a lead painter and graphic artist. His relationship with Koker and the other team members has been close. Evans also teaches workshops on airbrushing and pin stripping to help his co-workers perfect their skills.

Mini truck hall of fame inductee

Ryan Evans was born and raised in Illinois, but his father, who was in the US Army, was stationed in Germany and the family moved several times. Ryan attended school in Germany and graduated from the Frankfurt American High School, where his art teacher was an illustrator. In his class, he learned how to airbrush.

Before becoming a celebrity, Ryan was an avid car lover. Prior to the debut of the show “Counting Cars,” he worked as a lead painter and graphic artist at a Las Vegas car shop owned by Danny Koker.

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