Rudolph Valentino Net Worth

Rudolph Valentino Net Worth

Rudolph Valentino was a famous actor who was a romantic icon of the silent film era. He made his movie debut in 1914 and had a successful career in the 1920s. His films include The Sheik, A Sainted Devil and Blood and Sand. However, he died suddenly at age 31 in 1926.

Rudolph Valentino was born in Italy and immigrated to the United States in 1913. He began his career as a singer and dancer, but his greatest success came after he was cast in the role of a bullfighter. This was the film that won him international fame and became his breakthrough.

After a few years, he moved to Paris. In 1919, he met actress Jean Acker and they married. But the marriage did not last. They divorced in 1921. Afterwards, he had a lesbian affair with Alla Nazimova. As a result, he was arrested for bigamy.

He married actress Natacha Rambova in Mexico in 1923. Their relationship was not a happy one. Valentino was accused of controlling Rambova, and their friendship ended. Despite this, the two exchanged telegrams of love. Eventually, Rambova was banned from working with Valentino.

During their marriage, they traveled to Mexico and France. While there, they had a very difficult time finding work. Even the doctors at the Polyclinic Hospital refused to admit Valentino because he had an ulcer. When they finally got him admitted, he had peritonitis, and it spread throughout his body. Although he seemed to be recovering, he had to be rushed back to the hospital.

After his wife’s death, Valentino was left with a large amount of debt. He could not afford to make extravagant purchases with his salary. So, he resorted to loans. Sadly, he died at a young age.

At the time of his death, he had a net worth of about $1.5 million. His assets and liabilities included his savings, investments, cash deposits and his debts. For more detailed information, visit his Wikipedia page or check out the official accounts on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Upon his death, his estate was divided between his siblings. He left his brother, Alberto Guglielmi, in Rome. He also left his Aunt Teresa Werner of Beverly Hills, California. It is unlikely that his will will be probated today, but if it is, it will be a huge surprise for his family.

Rudolph Valentino is a tragic icon. Throughout his life, he had an intense inner journey. He was in search for improvement. Often, he played the bad guy. Nevertheless, he was an important part of the history of filmmaking.

During his career, he had a large fan base, both male and female. Many people believe that he was the first Latin lover on the screen. Nonetheless, he kept his personal life private. Therefore, there is no real way to determine whether he and another person were dating.

Rudolph Valentino’s net worth may be as high as $2 million at the time of his death. His will is expected to be probated soon.

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