Rubble From Paw Patrol Pictures

Rubble From PAW Patrol Pictures

Rubble is a tough five-year-old construction bulldog with an enormous heart of gold. A master builder himself, he’s always on hand to assist the PAW Patrol team – but also has a soft spot for small animals — especially kittens!

His fur is deep reddish brown while his eyes are dark blue. He wears a yellow hat emblazoned with the Paw Patrol team emblem; coloring this page can help get to know him even better! One of the most beloved members of their squad, Ryder is popular among fans and coloring this coloring page is an enjoyable way to become acquainted with him!

Rocky the Recycler will quickly become one of your favorite characters! He loves using recycled materials to repair things around his house while teaching us all how to save money by recycling objects. In this coloring sheet you’ll see him wearing his orange safety gear and colorful pens – so give your best try coloring him in!

The PAW Patrol is an animated TV series about a team of canine heroes that patrol and protect their city against dangerous and perilous situations, helping rescue people and fight bad guys while foiling Mayor Humdinger of Foggy Bottom from carrying out any evil plans he might be hatching.

Spin Master Entertainment produced it and broadcast it primarily in Canada through TVOntario and Nickelodeon.

Rubble & Crew is an animated children’s television series created to emulate the success of Paw Patrol on Nickelodeon, produced and executive produced by Jennifer Dodge, Ronnen Harary and Laura Clunie; directed by Dianna Basso.

This series follows a group of canine friends living in Adventure Bay, an imaginary town. Together they work to tackle problems and help their community, whether that means fixing up broken playground equipment or saving a trapped rat from being eaten by a lion.

Guru Studio animated the characters, while various voice actors provided voices for them – Chase, Marshall, Skye and Rubble amongst many other pups!

As part of their human partner Ryder’s protection of Adventure Bay residents from danger, they team up with canine rescuers Everest and Cap’n Turbot to protect the community of Adventure Bay from potential danger. Everest works closely with marine biologist Cap’n Turbot who operates a lighthouse on Seal Island.

Wild Cat, who enjoys stunt cycling and adrenaline-based activities. She also has an impressive talking cat pack who help support both herself and the pups.

Robo-Dog, her special robot companion introduced in Season 3 Episode 11 “Pups Save Ryder’s Robot”, plays an integral part of helping Ryder navigate his vehicle safely around. This new addition to the Paw Patrol has proven very helpful.

They’re always there when needed – helping with repairs or saving the day! Plus they make you smile with funny and adorable moments throughout their show that’ll put a smile on your face every time.

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