Rock N Roll Scarf

Scarves With a Rock N Roll Twist

Channel your inner rock star or add some flair to your ensemble with a stylish scarf. A little extra layer is never a bad thing, especially when it’s made from premium materials and designed by some of fashion’s most creative minds.

The iconic Hermes scarf, first produced in 1937 by Robert Dumas, quickly became a must-have item for fashion enthusiasts. Hermes uses an exclusive team of talented artisans to craft its scarves; each expertly handpicked and trained to use Hermes techniques so that every scarf is beautiful, elegant, and well crafted.

Hermes scarves are renowned for their exquisite prints and designs, handcrafted by master artisans. Each piece takes approximately 750 hours to produce, making each one an original work of art.

Are you searching for a quality scarf with an attitude, look no further than our collection of original scarves with a twist. Crafted from 55″ (140cm) square canvas, these lightweight scarves are soft and delicate enough to wear around the neck or as a headscarf.

Debbie Harry Long Scarf

Named for new-wave punk queen Debbie Harry, The Debbie features crystals that will make you shine on stage or in the dancefloor. It also makes an ideal accessory for black-tie dinners or weddings to add a sparkle to your ensemble.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Table Scarf

Get your music fix with this 100% cotton table scarf featuring an electric guitar design with fiery border. Measured 14 1/2″ wide x 41″ long (point to point), this 100% cotton scar can be draped beautifully over smaller tables for a truly musical atmosphere. Perfect for music rooms or man caves, this item looks fantastic draped over center of tables, coffee tables or sideboards alike.

Kimberly Stewart Partners With Rockins on Skinny Scarves

Model, actress and rock ‘n’ roll offspring Kimberly Stewart is venturing into fashion with a capsule collection of skinny scarves that launch online today to coincide with her new E! Entertainment reality show “Stewarts and Hamiltons.” The five styles will be featured in her “Stewarts & Hamiltons” clip on E! Entertainment.

JM: I’ve become a major fan of skinny scarves in recent years; they’ve become an essential piece for everyday wear. Here are my go-to picks!

Tie your scarf in so many different ways to suit your face shape; no matter which way you tie it, as long as the size works for your facial features. You could even tuck it inside a shirt collar or neckline for an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Have some fun with your style and try some of these quirky scarves out. They’re easy to throw on and can be paired with various outfits for a totally unique look that’s totally you!

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