Robin And Daniel Custody Battle Update 2020

Robin Thicke and Daniel Giersch Custody Battle Update 2020

A new wave of custody battles revolving around a dozen or so children have hit the headlines of late. As such, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of what we feel are the most important issues to watch out for in 2020. To be clear, we are talking about children in the 12-14 age bracket. This means the parents, as well as the kids themselves, will have to navigate a minefield of red tape, and some of the more litigious spouses will be putting their own foot down. Luckily, if you’re one of the lucky few, you can rest easy knowing your kids are in good hands.

One of the more recent cases involved singer/songwriter Robin Thicke and German businessman Daniel Giersch. The duo split up more than a decade ago, and the two have been going at each other’s throats ever since. Their tumultuous marriage was the subject of numerous articles in publications like People, Esquire, and Maxim. After the dust settled, it was decided that the best course of action was to let Giersch continue to work in his homeland. While Giersch has had his work visa revoked, he and his daughters have been able to maintain residency in the States thanks to a federal court decision in their favor. However, they were denied the right to move back to New York.

Among the many stumbling blocks, Robin’s ex claims that she and their kids are being brainwashed into believing that she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them. In other words, the halo effect. And while she is right in that she’s the mom that deserves the blame, the aforementioned tumult has taken its toll on the both of them. On top of that, their two children, Hermes and Helena, have been in hiding since a botched kidnapping scheme in which the boys were abducted by their own mother.

Unlike many of these cases, neither of the girls have been kidnapped. Nevertheless, the family is now dealing with the fallout, including a visit from the other stranded parents. While a visit to Monaco would likely be the ideal setting, the real prize is to have the kids back in the fold. We’re not sure if this is in the cards for the parents, or if the kids themselves are the ones deciding to stay behind the scenes, but either way, the situation is bound to get ugly at some point. Until then, they’ll just have to make due in the absence of the other parents.

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