Robert Tilton – Net Worth Close to $500 Million

At its height in the late 1980s, Tilton’s prosperity gospel TV ministry was broadcast daily across 235 American markets and his followers could trust their donations were covering everything from ministry-owned extravagant homes to personal expenses.

Ole Anthony brought Tilton’s prosperity ministry crashing down in November 1991 after airing an ABC News expose, prompting Tilton to attempt to recover both his fortune and faith. Since then, Tilton has attempted to rebuild both simultaneously.

Early Life and Education

Tilton reached millions of viewers even after Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker faded away, by broadcasting infomercial-style television shows from his Miami studio with its ancient Rome theme complete with faux stone pillars, vine-covered walls, piles of fake boulders and urns and even his 50-foot Carver yacht.

Tilton advises his audience that any difficulties, like poverty, are the result of their own sin. He encourages them to send money in exchange for prosperity in return.

Ole Anthony, founder of Dallas-based Trinity Foundation which monitors and investigates televangelists, says he’s not surprised to see Tilton still asking for donations; in fact, he recently started using his mailing list to sell vitamins and nutritional supplements he finds on the internet. Maria helps run Word of Faith World Outreach Center church as well as its merchandise empire.

Professional Career

Tilton remains an influential name in religious broadcasting despite his turbulent relationship between fame and infamy, reaching millions of viewers at his peak with Success-N-Life.

Based on late night infomercials, his programs became well-known during the 1980s for their extravagant style and claims that followers could amass material wealth by sending large sums to him (known as “prosperity theology”). At its height, his mass market ministry generated $80 million annually.

Diane Sawyer conducted an expose on Tilton’s fundraising methods during an episode of PrimeTime Live that aired during the 1990s. At that point, Tilton owned multimillion-dollar properties both in Dallas and San Diego and attended his church, Word of Faith Family Church located in Farmers Branch.

Achievement and Honors

Tilton successfully filled the broadcast void left by former televangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker after their deaths, creating an infomercial program called Success-N-Life that at its peak annually brought in tax-free donations of $80 Million per year.

He stated that all life’s difficulties can be traced back to sin, so viewers were encouraged to send money gifts of $1,000 or more directly to him in return for prayers for their particular issues.

At his peak, Tilton purchased air time in 235 TV markets, reaching millions of viewers. He used this wealth to purchase expensive homes, his private jet, and a fifty-foot Carver yacht as well as build a large church and give millions to charity. Tilton has been divorced twice but is currently married to Maria Rodriguez Tilton with seven children and 25 grandchildren.

Personal Life

Robert Tilton has amassed an estimated net worth of over $500 Million and is widely recognized and controversial among televangelists, both nationally and internationally. His career has been filled with both acclaim and scrutiny; yet his religious convictions remain constant throughout.

Tilton was at his most prominent during a time when Success N Life’s infomercial-style show aired daily across 235 American TV markets and brought in over $80 million annually, making it the fastest growing television ministry.

Tilton had fallen out of public favor since an unidentified gunman broke into his Florida mansion last February and invaded it without being noticed by Miami news media outlets. Now living a quiet existence at his luxury mansion and church while accepting donations through Facebook pages; his style now more subdued than his earlier days of talking in tongues and believing rats were eating his brains.

Net Worth

At its height, Tilton’s infomercial-style television program Success-N-Life was broadcast daily in 235 American TV markets and brought in approximately $80 million annually. His church attracted thousands of devoted members who attended weekly services; their prosperity gospel teachings seemed plausible to an unsuspecting public.

Trinity Foundation was suspicious of Tilton’s miracle claims and hired investigators to conduct covert surveillance behind his ministry headquarters. Their report was shown on ABC’s PrimeTime Live in November 1991 and quickly caused Tilton’s ministry to dissolve within two years.

Today, Evangelist Falwell is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $50 Million and lives a lavish lifestyle, using his private jet for travel and dining at luxurious restaurants regularly. Furthermore, he is known for generously giving back to charity.

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