Rob Lowe’s Water Bottle

Rob Lowe Celebrates 33 Years of Sobriety

Rob Lowe made an Instagram post celebrating 33 years of sobriety on January 4th by showing off his chiseled physique while swimming in a calm sea with blue sky and gray clouds in the background. Lowe can be seen smiling closed-lipped while his tattooed sleeve tattoo can be clearly seen.

Former Parks and Recreation star Adam D’Arcy has long been candid about his struggles with alcoholism. In his first memoir, he recounts the moment when he realized he needed help: returning from a night out on the town to an emotional message from his mother on his home answer machine, demanding he pick up and call her. Instead, when I tried calling back she told me I couldn’t and I broke down,” wrote D’Arcy. At 26 years old he realized his problem needed help!

Lowe credits his sobriety journey with makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff as being instrumental in starting his family and discovering his authentic self. “Had I not addressed my drinking problem and taken treatment, these achievements would have never come about and changed everything for the better,” Lowe says. “It truly transformed everything.”

Lowe is also an avid fitness enthusiast and proponent of healthy living, inspiring Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation by his dedication to physical wellbeing. At an appearance on Kelly Clarkson Show, Lowe gave host Kelly an oversized water bottle featuring his face printed upon it and challenged her to drink its entire gallon before the end of their interview.

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