Rick Rahim Net Worth

Rick Rahim Net Worth – Who is This Rick Rahim?

There’s a good chance you have heard of Rick Rahim. He’s been around in the entrepreneurship game for about twenty years. In that time, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of business ventures. His companies, collectively employ over 336 people in fourteen locations across seven states. He is also a self-proclaimed poker enthusiast and amateur pilot. He is known to have cashed in on several occasions, and has even been to the big game, albeit in a smaller capacity than most.

While he’s a good sport about letting you have at him, Rahim has a knack for lying and obfuscating. He has been implicated in a number of sting operations, including the one that led to the arrest of his brother in law. In fact, the company he founded in 2001, VMC Satellite Inc., eventually became the premier online retailer of satellite TV for DISH Network. In a nutshell, it was a scam. He has also been accused of telling a story that’s a mile long, and he’s not above making a fool of himself. He’s been on the receiving end of many of his schemes, and has had his home raided by police in both Fairfax County, Virginia and New York.

In his heyday, Rahim was known as the man of many enterprises. He’s been involved in a number of legal and illegal business ventures. Some of his best-known works include being the founder and CEO of VMC Satellite Inc., a company that specializes in promoting and selling fraudulent credit repair products. He’s also a poker enthusiast and he’s even been dubbed the most successful professional poker player in the state of Idaho. In fact, he was the first Idahoan to be awarded an Ellis Island medal of honor in the last 25 years.

There’s a reason he’s on the hook for more than a million dollars, and it’s because he’s the guy who wore the trinity. As a result, he’s been on the hot seat for a number of sting operations, including being one of the victims of the largest fraud ring in the state of Idaho. He was also accused of misrepresenting a company’s true revenue and announcing a grand total that was less than half the total amount.

It’s no surprise that he’s been accused of lying and obfuscating, but it’s a bit surprising that he’s still alive. Hopefully, his latest travails will end soon and he’ll be free to focus on a more worthy cause. If you’re a victim of his shady schemes, you may want to consider filing a civil suit.

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