Rexella Van Impe Net Worth

Rexella Van Impe Net Worth

Among the top musicians of the world, Rexella van Impe is a great example. Her music career has lasted for many years, and her net worth is quite impressive. She has received many awards, including two Grammys, and has been recognized for her work in the music industry. Her death came at 88 years of age.

Birth sign

Known as the “Walking Bible,” Jack Van Impe was a renowned televangelist and end times preacher. His weekly half-hour television series, Jack Van Impe Presents, was broadcast in over 150 countries. His show brought up contemporary headlines and explained how they fit in with biblical prophecy.

In the 1950s, Jack Van Impe released dozens of gospel recordings and spoken word recordings. He also began a radio broadcasting program and started holding crusades across the country. His wife Rexella Mae Shelton was also a part of the ministry. She was a writer, actress, and producer.

After Van Impe converted to Christianity in 1943, he started a ministry with his wife. They held crusades across the country and began a television broadcast in 1980. The ministry later relaunched on Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1988.


Despite the fact that Jack Van Impe was a Pentecostal televangelist, he did not preach only Christianity. He also preached about the End Times. He believed that the Bible said that there would be a global leader who would come in peaceably. He believed that Pope Francis was this man.

Jack Van Impe started out as an evangelist on the Billy Graham crusades. After a few years, he and his wife Rexella started their own ministry. They were also instrumental in starting the Trinity Broadcasting Network. They also started a radio show called Jack Van Impe Presents, which is still airing in the United States and Canada. They also released a couple of albums, one of which included Rexella on the organ.

Van Impe also believed that the Bible was literal. He said that he had memorized two-thirds of the Bible. He also believed that there would be a global leader who ascended to power before Armageddon. He also believed that the world would be divided into ten political subdivisions, with the European Union and the Islamic world ruling each division.

TV commentary on the news of the week

Evangelist Jack Van Impe and his wife Rexella Van Impe are the hosts of TV commentary on the news of the week. The program is broadcast through religious broadcasters. It is also broadcast online.

Jack Van Impe was a popular television evangelist who had made millions through Jack Van Impe Presents. He was also known for his eschatological commentary on news of the week. Throughout the years, he penned many gospel recordings. His parents encouraged him to become an evangelist and his career began at a young age. He graduated from Detroit Bible Institute with a degree in 1952.

He married Rexella Van Impe in August 1954 and the two began their ministry. They had met while performing with Billy Graham’s Crusades. During their marriage, they started Jack Van Impe Ministries. The ministry is now a non-profit organization.

Music career

Known as the Walking Bible, Jack Leo Van Impe spent 68 years in ministry before his passing at the age of 88. Besides his ministry, he was a gifted musician and a show biz aficionado. His wife Rexella Van Impe, an actress and writer, was his co-host on the television show of the same name. The show, which was broadcast across Canada and the U.S., is a juggernaut in religious broadcasting, producing more than 2.5 million dollars in revenue every year.

The show also spawned a related non-profit organization. A website dedicated to Van Impe’s memory made the news. Among other things, the organization is responsible for producing the popular television show Jack Van Impe Presents. It’s the same show that Van Impe starred in as a child, and its predecessors. Besides the program, the Van Impe family also performed gospel music in area churches and nightclubs.

Death at 88

During his lifetime, Jack Van Impe, the televangelist and author, has been known as the “Walking Bible”. Jack Van Impe has been credited for predicting Christ’s return between 2001 and 2012. He is known for his book America’s Future (2002), and Day Eight: Planet Earth Forever (2002). He has also been credited with publishing a number of gospel recordings in the 1950s.

In the early days of his ministry, Van Impe was associated with Billy Graham Sr. and Youth for Christ. His ministry focused on evangelism and Scripture memorization. He was also a staunch opponent of the challenges to the inerrancy of the Bible.

Jack Van Impe hosted the television show “Van Impe Presents” for thirty years. The show analyzed current events in the context of Bible end-times prophecies. His show aired in more than 150 countries. The show was broadcast from ministry headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

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