Revenge Of The Ted Sweater

Revenge of the Ted Sweater

A fun and stylish teddy bear sweater is one of the perfect items to wear this winter. Revenge of the Ted Sweater is made from a stretchy mid-weight fabric and features sewn in teddy bear images on the chest with accompanying text. Available in various sizes, it also has ribbed sleeve cuffs and bottom hem for extra comfort.

Revenge of the Nerds – The Geekiest Movie on Campus

While Revenge of the Nerds contains all your typical nerdy elements like snarky sex, over-the-top plot twists and comedic performances it also stands out with some unique traits. Filmed on location at University of Arizona, filmmakers had freedom to experiment with creativity – particularly Jeff Kanew who was given the task of crafting an entertaining underdog teen sex comedy.

Revenge of the Nerds stood out among other films due to its geeky details. Aside from a house set themed around geek culture, there were also plenty of other eye-catching props and gadgets.

Best of all, the most thrilling gimmick was actually not a gimmick at all but an actual technological feat. During the opening credits, Gilbert and Judy (Ted McGinley and Anthony Edwards) are wearing a tricorder that can calculate complex mathematical formulae in real time.

In Revenge of the Nerds, in addition to all these gadgets there were other notable gizmos like a “Mirrors” sign Gilbert posted on his desk as an alert for his superiors about his latest discovery, and a hologram which appeared on a billboard when Lewis (Ted McGinley) and his crew drove past it.

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