Rental Car Intermediate Holdings Llc

Rental Car Intermediate Holdings, LLC

In the case of the Reorganized Debtor Rental Car Intermediate Holdings, LLC, the Court left open the possibility of a claim against the Reorganized Debtor. The Reorganized Debtor can continue to challenge the claims of the reorganized debtor until September 29, 2021, if they want to.

Rental Car Intermediate Holdings, LLC is an investor in the stock of Hertz Corporation. The company is based in Estero, Florida and operates primarily in the Passenger Car Leasing sector. It employs 38,000 people at one location. The company offers a wide variety of rental car services.

Its notes are classified into four series: Series 2022-3 Notes, Series 2022-4 Notes, and Series 2022-5 Notes. These are all part of the HVF III securitization platform. The company plans to use the net proceeds of the sale of these notes to acquire and refinance rental cars.

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