Regina George Off The Shoulder Top

Regina George Wears a Mean Girls Off-The-Shoulder Top and Combat Boots

Are You a Mean Girls Fan? One of the most memorable moments from Mean Girls involves Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams), in one of her memorable scenes from the movie, wearing her white tank top with holes cut out of it. Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan), in an attempt to exact revenge against Regina, donned cutout tanks – which quickly became an extremely fashionable look at North Shore High. Irina Shayk recently made headlines when she made an appearance that brought to mind one of our favorite scenes from Mean Girls — but with an edge. The former Sports Illustrated model donned leather pants paired with powder pink off-the-shoulder sweater and combat boots to achieve this striking and feminine look that makes an excellent statement about transitioning into fall.

Regina epitomizes early 2000s fashion in her wardrobe. Her signature looks include pink mini skirts, off-the-shoulder sweaters and other trends from this decade – pastel plaid miniskirts or pink satin minidresses from when she gets hit by a bus are among many examples. No matter where she goes or what scene she reenacts she makes an impactful statement.

Regina is the leader of The Plastics, an elite group of popular girls who control social life at her high school. As leader, she manipulates crushes, spreads lies about others, seduces enemies, and keeps their status as the dominant clique at school intact. While Regina may seem intimidating and mean-spirited at first, her character actually has an open heart who simply wants someone special in her life to love.

Regina is best-known for her mean nature as well as her affinity for pink. Throughout the movie, Regina can often be seen wearing outfits closer to lingerie than costumes; such as her skintight pink bunny costume and purple ruffle dress nicknamed “her halo.” Additionally, she’s been seen sporting leopard print bodysuits, black and gold striped blazers, as well as even an elegant pajama set!

At the core of Regina’s rules for her clique is “Pink Wednesday.” To re-create Regina’s look, pair a pink mini skirt with classic t-shirt or sweater and accessorize with cute purse and shoes; or try adding an edge by wearing a sheer pink top featuring lacing detail along its shoulders (you can find these on Amazon for under $30).

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