Red Sox Spring Training Cap

Red Sox Spring Training Cap

The Boston Red Sox have a storied history, both as a team and as a cherished fan base. This year marks their tenth season in Fenway. A full squad workout will be held on February 22nd. The team will be in a preseason mood for the next few months, if they can get past their incumbants. There are many ways to enjoy the glories of baseball, including an upcoming tour of the West Coast, but you can’t take the field off the team if you can’t be in it. Fortunately, fans can get in on the action by signing up for a variety of packages ranging from a single ticket to two tickets to two games. Those who make the trek will also be rewarded with a special gift bag.

It’s no secret that the team is a huge fan of a certain red head, but you don’t have to be a diehard to find out that the team is a lot of fun to be around. To help you out, the team is offering a Spring Training package, which includes a ticket to two games, along with a special treat, the pregame tour of the team’s new stadium.

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