Record Player Car Air Freshener

Retro Turntable Car Air Freshener

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you’ll love the Retro Turntable Car Air Freshener. This air freshener features 3 scent discs that you can switch out for a different scent. The Record Player Air Freshener has a lasting fragrance and will make any car smell fresh and cool.

The air freshener is designed to resemble a vintage turntable. It rotates like a real record player and uses oil pads to release fragrance. The turntable is attached to the air vent in your car and includes an essential oil diffuser and record-shaped oil pads. These are a great way to freshen your car’s interior, eliminate odors, and add a touch of style to your ride.

A Record Player Car Air Freshener is an excellent way to get rid of the pungent smell from your car and evoke old memories for your passengers. The smell of your car is often so pungent that no one really knows they have one unless you tell them. This retro vinyl record player air freshener is perfect for people who love retro design and music.

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