Raymond Patriarca Jr 2019

Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Raymond Loreda Salvatore Patriarca is buried in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in East Providence, Rhode Island. Patriarca was born in Worster, Massachusetts, and moved to Federal Hill in Providence in 1908. His father was Italian, and emigrated from Sicily in the early 1900s. He married Helen and had a son, Raymond Jr. The family lived in the same house. It is speculated that his mother hid cash in the basement of the house, which Patriarca claimed as his inheritance.

Patriarca was a deadly mobster. After the RICO trial, his crime family was dominated by Frank Salemme. In 1989, a group of masked attackers shot Salemme in the back. Salemme was then indicted along with James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen Flemmi. All defendants in the trial were convicted and received large fines.

When Salemme took over as boss, the family went through a period of strife. One stumbling block was the death of William “The Wild Man” Grasso. Grasso was the East Hartford based gangster who had been an underboss for Patriarca. Grasso was killed in June of 1989. This weakened Patriarca’s position.

During the 1970s, Patriarca was arrested on charges of conspiring to commit murder. According to court documents, he had demanded $22,000 from the men in his organization, including Albert Anastasia. He reportedly wanted to use strong-arm tactics to get rid of rival vending machines. However, investigators thought that Grasso was in charge of the crime family.

Patriarca had a close relationship with the Irish mob, and the two gangs fought with the Charlestown Mob. Patriarca also financed a hijacked shipment of cigarettes.

The Massachusetts Crime Commission named Patriarca the most influential player in the New England gambling business in 1957. Patriarca was also called to testify as part of a Senate investigation into corruption in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. As part of his testimony, Patriarca told chief counsel Robert F. Kennedy that he had begun his career as a jukebox dealer in the 1950s.

Patriarca was involved in a number of legal issues since his teenage years. When he was younger, he smuggled $20 bills into the home of an acquaintance’s four-year-old daughter. Patriarca pleaded not guilty to the charge. Later, he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and accessory to murder.

Patriarca was also suspected of helping to plan a 1960 plot to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. According to Teresa, Patriarca was the one who chose the Brookline, Massachusetts convict to kill Castro. She was a witness to this plan, and later served in the witness protection program. Unfortunately, her testimony has been challenged over the years.

Raymond Patriarca has a shoe box filled with money from his mother’s estate. According to the FBI, Patriarca claimed that his mother had kept the money in the box for many years. However, the family believes that Patriarca is suffering from angina and is going to have a heart attack. They also believe that he will react to insulin and face a health issue.

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