Ravil Isyanov Net Worth

Ravil Isyanov Net Worth

Ravil Akhmedullovich Isyanov Has a Net Worth, Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary and Lifestyle; His Income Source Is Primarily Car Sales as His Primary Source! Additionally he lives a Lifestyle, Family Orientated Family life within their Residence! And so much more!

Ravil Isyanov, an accomplished actor, reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $3 Million dollars that was amassed through his acting career, such as movies and television shows he appeared in. Additionally, he owns multiple cars and has a beautiful home located in Los Angeles, California.

Ravil was born in Voskresensk, Soviet Union and spent most of his early life in Greater Moscow area where he studied music, ballet and theater – as well as serving two years national service for Soviet Air Force as a pilot and spending three summers at Oxford branch of British American Drama Academy for three summer sessions. Once his studies had concluded he moved to United States in 1998 where he started working steadily as an actor on film and television with over 77 credits under his name (usually portraying characters of Russian heritage).

On September 29th at 59 years old, actor Vladimir Isyanov passed away peacefully at home in Los Angeles at his own residence. His manager Frederick Levy informed PEOPLE of Isyanov’s illness but did not specify what type. Isyanov had made regular appearances in NCIS: Los Angeles as mobster Anatoli Kirkin as well as appearing in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Defiance movies.

He was married twice and fathered three children: a son and two daughters. As an avid parent and family man, he took great pride in caring for his family devotedly. When not working or playing tennis or soccer matches he enjoyed watching them as well as collecting antiques.

Ravil’s most notable role was as mobster Anatoli Kirkin on NCIS: Los Angeles for seven episodes. Fans were saddened to learn of his death; Ravil was an extraordinary actor and will be greatly missed.

Isyanov has appeared regularly in several popular shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, The Americans, The Last Ship and EastEnders as well as Alias Shooter 24 Prison Break and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He currently holds two recurring roles on these three series.

Ravil was a wonderful actor who dedicated himself to his craft until his passing. We wish his loved ones comfort during this difficult time; we will forever remember his amazing work and remember Ravil fondly. Rest in peace, Ravil.

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