Raoul Caroule Cars 2

Raoul CaRoule Toy Review

Raoul is a playable character from the video game Cars 2. His primary role is to emphasize speed and not power. He also appears briefly in Planes, and Dusty’s garage wall. Raoul is also an able-bodied character in Disney Infinity as well as Ramone’s House of Body Art.

Raoul is a talented young car who was introduced to a supportive environment by joining the cirque du voiture. His ability, resilience, and talent were admired and recognized by the team. Prior to joining, Raoul didn’t feel fulfilled and always felt there was something more he could do. The cirque helped him express himself and he found a community of like-minded people to help him pursue his dreams.

Raoul is based upon the Citroen C4 WRC. It has a top speed 124.3 mph. The car’s engine is 300 HP. Although it is smaller than the actual car, it still looks very similar to the model. Raoul’s hauler is named Andre. Andre never made it into the Cars 2 movie, but he is available in the Stunt Racers playset.

Cars 2’s original character was named Michele after Michele Mouton, a female WRC racer. However, the name was changed to reflect the inspiration of Sebastien Loeb. In the game, Raoul CaRoule is one of the few racecars without a blown engine. The video game shows that the car can even get into a pileup alongside Shu Todoroki.

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