Rachel Levin Net Worth

Rachel Levin Net Worth – How Much Is Rachel Levin Worth?

Rachel Levin is a popular YouTuber, known as RCLBeauty101. She has more than 12 million subscribers and shares a message of self-acceptance and love. In addition to her popularity on social media, she has an established personal life. She is married to Isaac Nakash and has two children.

RCLBeauty101’s real name is Rachel Claire Levin

RCLBeauty101 is a YouTube channel with 14 million subscribers. Her videos feature various beauty tips and tricks. Despite being a teenager, she’s been very active on social media. She first started posting videos on December 15, 2010, and she has garnered a large following for her videos. One of her most popular videos, a 500K subscriber giveaway, was watched more than two million times. She followed this with a 600K subscribers giveaway in just over a month.

Rachel Levin began vlogging on YouTube when she was fifteen years old. She began posting videos about makeup tricks and techniques, as well as how to conceal dark circles. By 2014, she had over one million subscribers and started sharing DIY tutorials. In addition, she also launched a line of makeup called RCLO Cosmetics. In the same year, she released her debut single, “Myself.”

She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended Lower Merion High School. She later attended Penn State Brandywine University, but dropped out after a year. She went on to found a beauty channel on YouTube. She is currently single and has no children.

RCLBeauty101’s YouTube channel has more than 12 million subscribers

YouTube sensation Rachel Levin has more than 12 million subscribers. She started her YouTube channel in October 2010 and has gained huge popularity. Her advice videos have captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide. She is also a well-known makeup artist. In addition to her YouTube channel, Rachel Levin also has an IGTV account.

Although her videos primarily focus on beauty, she also uploads many videos about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her most popular videos focus on skincare and make-up and she also posts vlogs and comedy skits. In addition to her YouTube channel, Rachel Levin also has an account on Instagram and has over 3.9 million followers on Twitter.

Her videos often feature unusual or creative topics, such as using bubblegum to make lipstick. However, Levin did not expect her videos to become this popular. She even received an unusual pet lamb in exchange for one of her videos.

RCLBeauty101’s message of self-acceptance and love

The beauty influencer Rachel Levin is famous for her YouTube channel RCLBeauty101. She has nine million subscribers. In her I Am Ugly video, she is seen applying make-up while being critical of her appearance. However, a vision of a younger version of herself stops her in her tracks. The video has received 2.5 million views.

Rachel Levin’s relationship with Isaac Nakash

Isaac Nakash has risen to fame as Rachel Levin’s YouTube boyfriend. He hosts a vlog called Izzy Dog Ham and has a large following on YouTube. Isaac and Rachel began dating in early 2013 and remained a couple for three years. Isaac and Rachel collaborated on videos together and have since broken up.

Rachel and Isaac were a beautiful couple. While Isaac appeared in Rachel’s YouTube videos, they broke up in 2019. After their breakup, Rachel has been busy dating Tyler Regan, a heartthrob. The two have been spotted together in cute pictures and have taken several vacations. Although Isaac and Rachel were once a great couple, Tyler Regan is a much better fit for the YouTube star.

Levin has over 8 million YouTube subscribers and 2.5 million Instagram followers. She posts a photo or video on her Instagram account each day. Isaac Nakash was a photographer for Levin in some of her videos and has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. While the couple are no longer dating, they are still friends and frequently collaborate on her YouTube channel.

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