Race Car Pinata

A Race Car Pinata is a Fun Party Game For Kids and an Eco-Friendly Decoration

A race car pinata is a fun party game for kids and a colorful decoration. This pinata measures 23 inches high, 15 inches long, and 9 inches deep, and can hold up to 3 pounds of candy or toys. The blue race car pinata is perfect for a little boy’s birthday party. The pinata comes with the blindfold and bat, but you can purchase the filler separately.

A custom Volkswagen Race Car Pinata is approximately Medium Large in size, but may vary slightly due to the special features. You can also find pinatas that are designed for adults. You’ll want to select a color and theme that will match your party. You can also make your pinata environmentally-friendly by choosing recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Whether you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party or celebrating an upcoming car race, a paper race car pinata is a great way to make your party unique and fun. These pinatas are designed with water-based paint and made from 90% recycled paper materials. This makes it an eco-friendly option that is great for the environment.

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