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Nicole Eggert – Former Charles in Charge Poster Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Nicole Eggert is an actress best known for her roles in films like Rich and Famous and Dennis the Menace as well as television shows such as Who’s the Boss and The New Leave it to Beaver. Although her popularity has slightly diminished in the 2000s, Nicole still maintains a passion for acting.

Her career began when she competed in beauty pageants as a child and earned small roles on movies and shows. These roles helped propel her career, eventually leading her to several recurring roles on TV shows.

She then went on to star in several major shows and movies, such as Baywatch where she played Sally, the wife of a mobster’s assistant. Additionally, she appeared in 2007’s The Devil’s Daughter as Megan Bower.

At this time, she quickly gained notoriety and an enthusiastic fan base across America. Unfortunately, in recent years she’s come under scrutiny due to allegations of sexual misconduct with her former Charles in Charge co-star Scott Baio.

Recently, Nicole came forward on the NBC morning show Megyn Kelly Today to share her allegations of abuse against Baio. She claims he molested her while she was still a minor on the set of their sitcom. Her allegations were later corroborated by fellow Charles in Charge actor Alexander Polinsky who also reported being molested on set by Baio.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that Eggert had filed a police report against Baio after meeting with detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Sexual Assault Section. She claims he sexually assaulted her when she was 14, 15 and 16 during filming of their TV show and during an “all-female party” in his car following a pool party.

According to TMZ, Baio’s wife Renee posted on Facebook that her husband had a lawyer who sent a cease and desist letter to Eggert’s representatives. When asked for comment on the Dr. Oz Show interview with Eggert, it was stated that while she would like to give her side of the story during that time, due to lack of access to video tapes or records related to what occurred between her and Baio as a minor, Eggert could not do so due to lack of documentation related to their relationship.

Nicole is facing an extremely frightening and difficult situation, so she is speaking up now to protect other young women in the entertainment industry from abuse. She hopes other actors will follow suit and speak out against their own abusive co-stars.

Lisa Bloom, her attorney, indicated that she has legal options and may file a civil case against Baio. Additionally, she plans to speak out about other issues within the entertainment industry which she believes are harmful to women such as being forced to stay at a certain weight on Baywatch.

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