Polar Pro Net Worth

PolarPro Net Worth

PolarPro is a small business that employs 26 people and is based in Costa Mesa, California. Although the company faces some competition, PolarPro is still able to maintain a healthy level of success in the midst of a rapidly changing digital business. Its net worth is estimated to be $5.6 million for 2015.

polar pro made $2.8 million in 2014

The company’s sales jumped up rapidly last year, and PolarPro expects to make more than $5 million this year. Jeff Overall, the founder of PolarPro, began the company with about $2,000 in student loan money and created his own filter systems. Since the company’s humble beginnings selling crabs online, he has invested over a million dollars in research and development, and has eight patents to his name.

PolarPro has a booming social media presence, with more than 261K followers on Instagram. The company is also introducing new merchandise frequently and has an extensive social media following. A recent Shark Tank appearance led to an enormous deal for founder Jeff Dawson. As the company expands, it faces competition from Benro, LensCoat, Oiloclip, and Aputure.

The founder of PolarPro is a college student from California, who grew frustrated with the poor quality of GoPro videos. While in school, he bought a DSLR camera with a polarized lens to cut the glare caused by the sun. The company sold amateur lenses for $10 each, and Jeff hired his best friend Austen Butler to help him out.

$5.6 million in 2015

The PolarPro company has already made $2.8 million in sales in its first year and is projected to earn more than $5 million this year. Last year, the company made a profit of $300,000 and put $1 million into R&D. The company has more than 30 products, including cameras, lenses, and other accessories.

In November 2015, the company was featured on Shark Tank America. Jeff Overall, the founder of the company, secured a significant deal with the television show. Although this was only a starter deal, the investment is expected to increase the company’s sales. Currently, the firm has 26 employees and is based in Costa Mesa, California.

The company’s growth has been remarkable. Its product demand has skyrocketed. PolarPro has also invested over $1 million in research and development annually.

$8,000 in 2014

Polar Pro is a large American company that makes camera accessories. Initially, it focused on lenses for the GoPro camera. However, the company also started making other camera accessories, including selfie sticks and tripods. Its innovations have revolutionized the world of photography and it now has a net worth of over $15 million, a healthy annual turnover, and lots of employees.

Currently, PolarPro is only sold in 1,200 independent retailers, but the company expects $40-50 million in revenue within the next few years. The company is seeking a partner, with whom it has a successful business model, to give it a boost. They have approached Mark Cuban, who is willing to provide them with $500,000 in exchange for 10% of the company. The deal includes Daymond John, who will handle the distribution and licensing deals.

PolarPro started when the founder was a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was frustrated with the low quality of GoPro videos. After purchasing a DSLR with a polarized lens, he started selling amateur lenses for $10 each. He later hired a friend named Austen Butler to help him take great videos.

Sharks invested in polar pro

The Sharks made a million-dollar on-air investment in PolarPro, a drone camera accessory company, when CEO Jeff Overall pitched the company. PolarPro manufactures drone filter sets that protect the lens of the drone, allowing for clear and colorful video. Its founders believed that Shark investment would propel the company to the top.

Since the Sharks’ investment, the company has continued to introduce new products and has increased its social media following. It is also selling its products online and in a handful of surf shops. However, the company has yet to generate profits. With their current financial state, PolarPro could easily earn millions of dollars a year if they can maintain the high level of investment.

In addition to drone accessories, PolarPro is launching a line of mobile phone accessories that will make it easier for users to take pictures and videos. The company has teamed up with Otterbox to develop a series of snap-on smartphone accessories, including fish-eye lenses and Bluetooth speakers. The company’s Bluetooth speakers, for instance, retail for $60, and are also capable of doubling as a conference call speaker.

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