Pnw Stolen Cars

PNW Stolen Cars

If you are a senior living in a senior living facility, you should consider contacting the police and reporting stolen cars to the police. If you have been the victim of a stolen car, you can find out if your car is on the list. This will allow you to take steps to get your car back.

Honda Civic

Portlanders are using social media to search for stolen vehicles. A Facebook group called PNW Stolen Cars averages about 23 posts daily. One Portland woman’s husband’s car was stolen and she was desperate to find it. She turned to the group for help. Luckily, the community helped her find it.

The group was able to recover several stolen cars. Some were recovered, including a 1995 Honda Civic stolen from Alderra Apartments and a 2001 Ford F-550 stolen from the 15800 block of 66th Ave. NW. Another car was stolen from Westcoast Auto Center. The suspect pushed past an employee and jumped into a running vehicle. The vehicle was recovered near the 3500 block of Pacific. Other stolen vehicles include a 1998 Subaru Legacy from the parking lot of PetSmart.

Honda CRV

The Honda CRV is one of the most commonly stolen cars in the country. The fifth-generation model is a popular vehicle that has a spacious interior and a variety of powertrains. However, thieves are targeting earlier models. This article looks at how the Honda CRV can be stolen and how it can be protected.

The car was stolen from Portland, Oregon. The vehicle was damaged to the tune of $1,500, and it was stripped of the battery, catalytic converter, and exhaust system. It was dumped near S.E. 157th Avenue and Division Street in Outer East Portland. Several attempts to recover the stolen vehicle were unsuccessful, but the Portland Police Bureau responded to every call. The owner is also concerned about the presence of a transient encampment on S.E. Raymond Street, which occupies both sides of the street.

Jeep Cherokee Laredo

Barrington police are investigating the theft of four Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. They suspect that the thieves used a laptop to circumvent the vehicles’ security systems, creating ghost keys that allowed them to drive off the lot. Police have been working with Lake and Cook counties, as well as the city of Chicago, to find the suspect and recover the stolen vehicles. A Jeep Grand Cherokee is an expensive vehicle, and a stolen one is worth at least $90,000.

If you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, it’s best to park it in a well-lit area. In addition, make sure that your car insurance policy covers stolen vehicles. Older models of cars are especially vulnerable to theft.

Ford Mustang

A K9 dog was used to track down the thieves. Eventually, a Ford Mustang GT was discovered in Woodhaven and two more Mustangs were found unoccupied in Rockwood. Police are now coordinating with the Louisville Metro Police department to find the stolen fourth Mustang. A fifth Mustang has been spotted near I-94 and Van Dyke in Detroit.

A woman accidentally left her keys inside her unlocked Ford Mustang at the end of the day. When she awoke, she realized that her Mustang had been stolen. She called the Seattle Police Department, and the responding officer verified the theft and entered the information into his crime computer. He also activated the LoJack System on the stolen Mustang.

Three Tree Montessori’s van

A blue 2004 Ford van, registered to Three Tree Montessori School, has been stolen twice in three weeks. The second theft happened just a few days before the school’s first day of school. The thieves left a thin coat of paint on the van, covering the school’s logo. The school van was worth approximately $9,000, but the school doesn’t have enough funds to buy a new one.

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