Please Give Me Space Dog Vest

Please Give Me Space Dog Vest

Please Give Me Space Dog Vest Created to notify people your dog needs space, the Please Give Me Space Dog Vest is ideal for anxious or reactive canines that have their anxiety reinforced by people or other animals encroaching into their comfort zone. The bright yellow vest alerts others of your pup’s distaste for being cramped up close, making it easier for them to act appropriately or modify their actions around your pup – this training tool should never be attached directly to a lead and put under strain from it.

Handcrafted using breathable poly/cotton mix fabric, nylon binding and soft cotton twill straps with Soft-Touch Velcro (to avoid stressing out your dog with its “rr-rip” sound), the collar will keep your pup feeling cozy. Lettering is silk screened by hand.

Carefully Measure Your Dog With the SIZE GUIDE on the Right

Machine wash in cold water and air dry before wearing or lining dry for best results. Ideal for Jack Russells to Great Danes. Lightweight design makes this perfect for wear in both warm weather or on cooler nights.

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