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Kanye West’s No Mistakes Track Off His New Album Ye

Kanye West has released the title track from his new album ye called “No Mistakes,” an effort by him to disprove any remaining doubts that he’s just another entitled and self-absorbed celebrity. Featuring John Legend (with whom Ye had an extremely public falling-out last month) as its hook and Ponderosa Twins Plus One sample as its backing band, this woozy track blends vulnerable acknowledgements (“one good girl is worth more than thousand other ones”) with candid Kanyisms which display his desire to settle down (he’s “bound to falling in love”).

Once a 15-second acid house beat begins, West delivers his opening line and one of only few things necessary for him to complete this track: He raps about how much he loves his wife. It’s an honest expression from an artist known for bold statements like, ‘I don’t know what black is anymore.”

Next comes a trap beat and guitar sample accompanied by what sounds like it has been processed through Auto-Tune–something Kanye has employed on other tracks. Over this instrumental, Ye speaks openly about his depression and feels as if “everyone’s using my pain as a way into the game”, making this track especially reflective and introspective of an artist often criticized for mental health struggles.

As soon as the chorus and funk-like synth kick in, the production quickly becomes more sensual. Sexual images–even some anatomical references–come pouring through, making this song one of Kanye West’s most explicit to date; it may even be his most offensive piece due to making reference to “Parkinson’s sample which has since come under scrutiny for minimizing an otherwise powerful protest song.

At first, it can be challenging to approach these powerful lyrics and the fact that West made his record in just three weeks while his daughter was gestating without feeling indignant or angry, but that is the point: West is expressing genuine emotional responses to an unfair political and social system – providing us with one of his most candid, unapologetic takes yet. Listeners will surely find his honesty captivating.

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