Playskool Car

Playskool Roll ‘N Gears Car Review

The Playskool Roll ‘n Gears Car is a compact, educational toy that is both fun and convenient to use. This toy is small enough to fit in a child’s backpack or diaper bag, and can provide hours of entertainment for them. It also helps a child learn colors and other developmental skills. You can also spin the gears and stack them to create a tower.

In 1981, the company began making die-cast cars for Sesame Street. Playskool was acquired by Hasbro in 1985. The line continued to be sold under the Playskool label until 1992, when it was rebranded under the Child Dimension label. In 1996, Fisher-Price took over production. In the meantime, the Sesame Street die-cast cars were still available, but they were released under the Playskool label.

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