Plate Topper Net Worth

How Much Is Plate Topper Net Worth?

If you are curious about how much plate topper net worth is, you are not alone. Many other people have made it big in the plate topper business, including Michael Tseng and Mark Cuban. These men have all made millions of dollars from their businesses. However, Michael stands out because he has a very unique business model. His business offers consumers a unique way to decorate plates with a personalized touch. In addition, he has created an app that helps people make their plates more beautiful.

Michael Tseng

Michael Tseng is a successful entrepreneur who came up with a unique invention, the Plate Topper. He is a doctor by training and had his medical residency almost complete before he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. While attending medical school, Tseng came up with the idea for Plate Topper and decided to turn it into a business. The Plate Topper brand went on to be sold on QVC and in Walmart stores. Although it was a great success, Michael Tseng ceased operations of his brand in 2015.

Michael Tseng started his production company in 2011 with an investment of $18,000 and wanted to sell his products in retail stores. He was initially offered a $90,000 investment from Shark Tank investor Lori Ross in return for an 8% equity stake in the company, but she later decided to pull out.

Prestagon LLC

Michael Tseng is the owner of the company that invented the Plate Topper. The company has filed several patents related to this product. One of these is for a microwaveable steam vent. Another patent is for an ice cube tray with attached lids. Both of these inventions are sold in retail stores and online. While the Plate Topper has not been a hit with consumers, the company has continued to make improvements to the product, including launching new products in the food storage, bedding, and home fitness markets.

The Plate Topper was invented by Michael Tseng, a doctor who was approaching his career as a medical resident. He was a student of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. After his medical school training, Tseng started a business.


Michael Tseng’s net worth is unknown. Although he has worked as a physician for many years, he turned to entrepreneurship after he was nearly finished with medical school. The company has placed Plate Toppers in stores such as Walmart and QVC, and Michael Tseng hopes to sell over $10 million of these products.

After three months, Michael had already made about $900,000 from sales. However, he had yet to secure a business partner for Plate Topper. He appeared on Shark Tank in Season 4 Episode 8 in search of $90,000 to obtain 5% of the company. He is interested in taking the business to a big retailer and does not want to share his profits. But, he was not able to seal the deal with Kevin.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and holds stakes in over 206 companies. His combined net worth is estimated to be around $4 billion. If you compare that figure with the average yield of a secure investment, Mark Cuban’s is a very good one.

Michael’s pitch lasted nearly two hours, and the most time-consuming one on the show. He claims that he was on stage for that long to convince Lori Greiner to buy his company. However, despite the long presentation, Michael agreed to the deal, saying that the company was worth $15 million.

Daymon John

Daymon John’s net worth is estimated at $350 million. John began generating revenue as a teenager after launching his first company out of his mother’s house in Queens, New York. His company sells hip-hop inspired streetwear at affordable prices. He sells his wares on a consignment basis through local New York City stores. His personal network includes LL Cool J, who helped create a huge buzz around his brand.

After seeing Plate Topper on QVC, Lori is curious about the company. She offers to purchase a third of the business for $1.5 million. Daymon, however, challenges Lori’s numbers and offers to buy the rest of the company. She says she has connections with the world’s largest retailer.


When Michael Tseng pitched the Plate Topper idea on the show Shark Tank, the company received significant exposure and jumped in sales. It has since been sold at Walmart and on QVC. The Plate Topper revenue is estimated to reach $10 million. However, the company’s website is down, which indicates that business is no longer in operation.

After a pitch, Michael asks the Sharks to help him get Plate Topper components into successful retailers in the U.S. He is surprised to learn how successful his business is becoming and he asks the Sharks to invest in it. Lori Dawson was taken aback by Michael’s findings, and offered $900k in exchange for a 30% stake in the company. She was also willing to use her contacts to sell the Plate Topper product to the world’s biggest retail chain. However, Robert Dawson had some reservations about Plate Topper’s revenue potential.

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