Pitch Perfect Halloween Costume

Pitch Perfect Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the time to bust out those costumes and show your creative side! Dressing up in an impressive costumes or group outfits makes for the ultimate holiday experience; whether that means dressing as the Barden Bellas, or rocking out on stage as karaoke stars! Here are some creative costume ideas sure to make this holiday unforgettable!

At Halloween time, choosing your costume shouldn’t be stressful or time consuming. With plenty of wonderful costume options out there – from recent indies such as Booksmart and Midsommar to award season favorites like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – there is sure to be no shortage of movie characters for your Halloween costume this year!

Are You a Pitch Perfect Fan? These costumes inspired by the movie will keep your fans going strong. From flight attendant outfits to sailor styles, there’s something here for every one! Plus it’s simple – wear sneakers instead of heels for maximum effect!

Pitch Perfect has provided many fans with many unforgettable costumes, one being that of Bellas in their luxurious hotel room attire. All it requires to recreate this look is a black leotard, black heels and red wig. Add props such as microphone or sign that says: “We’re Here To Win!” for extra impact.

Of course, there are lots of fun couple and group costumes from Pitch Perfect you could recreate as well – the Bellas come to mind first; but there’s also country duo Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World; Destiny and Ramona from Dirty Dancing or anything from Ab Fab that you could even dress as! Want something extra creative? Go as coke bottles instead!

Pitch Perfect has inspired an extremely popular en masse Halloween costume: the Bellas and their professor. You can do this using any type of school uniform; we suggest sticking to those from Pitch Perfect as this will ensure easy recognition on Halloween. Adding props like signs that say “We’re Here to Win!” can complete the look.

Alysa and JoJo Siwa looked stunning in matching outfits inspired by the film, yet anyone can replicate their look easily with just some pink outfits and tiaras!

Dress as Draco and Melody from the movie for an impressive couples costume – you don’t even need special clothes! With just a bit of creativity and imagination you’re sure to make an impressionful statement at any Halloween event.

One fun couple costume from Pitch Perfect that you could try together is dressing as a fast food family! For extra gender neutrality, use neutral colors when selecting your costumes. Add in your beloved pet for an added pet version of this classic costume.

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