Philip Anselmo Net Worth

Phillip Anselmo Net Worth

Phil Anselmo is a well known rock musician who has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Although he has not won any awards, he has received four nominations for the Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. His albums have consistently charted high on the charts and he is the founder of the Housecore Records label. Despite his troubled past, he has been able to create a successful career in his chosen field.

Phil Anselmo is a musician

Phil Anselmo is a musician and producer from the United States. He has been playing music since his teenage years and has worked as lead singer for various bands. Prior to becoming a musician, he spent his time on fishing boats. In 1986, he joined the band Pantera and recorded nine studio albums with them. After Pantera’s disbandment, he created another band, Down.

After leaving Pantera, Anselmo was involved in several other projects and formed his own record label called Housecore Records in 2001. The label released older material from the various side projects he was involved with. The label later merged with Baphomet Records but returned to its original form after three releases. During this period, Anselmo suffered a back injury and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain. Eventually, he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and underwent surgery to correct the problem.

He was a drug addict

Many people do not know that Pantera singer Phillip Anselmo was a drug addicted. His life and career were threatened by substance abuse and back pain. Fortunately, Anselmo was able to quit the drugs and regain his health. His back surgery was a success, and he is now five years sober.

Anselmo’s family supported him, and he was surrounded by a group of supportive musicians and bandmates. His mother works in a horror house. She has a special place in her heart for her son. He has gotten close to his stepdad, his siblings, and his wife.

In 2003, Anselmo’s band, Pantera, disbanded. The reason for the split was Anselmo’s struggle with substance abuse. He has publicly admitted that he had a heroin addiction for years. Anselmo also revealed that he had struggled with alcoholism.

He has a haunted house

Anselmo has been a prominent figure in the heavy metal scene for years, and now he is the singer of Down. He has also been a pioneer in the creation of the Housecore Horror Film Festival in New Orleans. The festival was founded in 2011 in partnership with true crime author Corey Mitchell, and features heavy metal bands, horror film actors, and even zombie makeovers.

Philip Anselmo is a founding member of the infamous metal band Pantera. The frontman, who started the band in 1994, formed a side project called Down in 1995. The band featured a lineup of musicians including Pepper Keenan and Todd Strange, who later replaced Anselmo. After the NOLA album was released, Anselmo rejoined Pantera. He also launched a haunted house in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

He is a successful musician

Anselmo has a wide variety of musical influences. He is a baritone and a bass, so his range is wide. He can sing very high notes and low notes, and his vocal color is very expressive. Some of his songs have a dark tone, while others have a clean, ethereal tone.

His songs take a strong stance against racism. He has faced criticism for his racial views throughout his career, and this has led to some controversy. In 2016, he was accused of giving a Nazi salute during a concert for the murdered Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Fans were furious that he made a racist statement, but he has since apologized for the incident.

Despite these problems, Anselmo has managed to stay successful and achieve a wide variety of musical goals. His debut solo album Walk Through Exits Only became a classic, and he has also contributed to the albums of many other artists.

He has a high net worth

Phil Anselmo’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million dollars. The actor is married to Kate Richardson. The couple married in 2001. They divorced three years later. Anselmo lives in Louisiana. He has a large home and many pets. He also owns chickens, cats, and dogs. His net worth was calculated by our analysts using various sources to determine his income.

Despite being relatively new in the music industry, Phil Anselmo has made quite a fortune over the years. He’s had success as a singer with various bands, including Pantera. His aggressive performances on stage have won him many fans. His net worth is estimated to be at least $4 million.

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