Phantasm Car

Phantasm Car Blu-Ray Review

The Phantasm car looks like a stock ‘Cuda but has subtle differences. The car’s engine, which is probably a HEMI, is very low-powered compared to the real thing. The car also sports fender flares, aftermarket sunroof, and a mildly raised rear. It can be difficult to find the exact parts for a low-budget film such as Phantasm.

Chrome rims were added to the ‘Cuda’, along with fat tires all around and flared rear quarter panels. This was to allow for easy shooting in one scene with a character shooting through the roof. To make filming easier, a black-tinted sunroof was added. The ‘Cuda was also transported to the film set to be used for the movie.

The movie portrays the brotherly bond of the protagonists but the ‘Cuda steals it. The six-pack ‘Cuda has iconic ’70s street machine styling, including Fat Cragar mags. This ‘Cuda remained popular in the Phantasm series, receiving five movies. Each became more cheesy over the years.

1971 was the year that Phantasm’s original film was shot. After filming was finished, the ‘Cuda was sold. It was not a very reliable car, but it looked great! When the sequels came out, the crew sold the ‘Cuda to a new buyer.

The Phantasm is a classic horror film and has a large cult following. It’s a fun film that harkens to an era without CGI effects. It can be scary because of its unpredictable nature. Blu-ray transfers make it look even better and come with some nice extras.

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