Peter Breck Net Worth

Peter Breck Net Worth

The net worth of Peter Breck is not known for certain. However, we do know that his wife Diane Breck was his primary source of income. The actor is also known for his roles in television series such as The Big Valley and Perry Mason. He was born in Rochester, New York and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Diane Breck was his primary income source

Peter Breck was a prolific actor who starred in dozens of television series from the mid-1950s to the early 2000s. His appearances included Perry Mason, Lawman, Branded, and Fantasy Island. He also starred in movies such as Thunder Road, The Fall Guy, and I Want to Live! During his career, he married dancer Diane Bourne, and they had a son, Christopher.

He played Nick Barkley on The Big Valley

Joseph Peter Breck was an American character actor who starred in a variety of TV shows. He had dark hair and a rugged look, and his roles included Doc Holliday in Maverick and Nick Barkley on The Big Valley.

He was a guest star on Perry Mason

Peter Breck was a guest star on several episodes of the popular television show. He has also starred in live theatre and appeared in several TV series, including the popular Western series, Sea Hunt. In one episode of the show, he played the character Vince Kabat. His greatest acting success came from his role as Cochise in Broken Arrow. In another episode of Perry Mason, Breck played a morgue attendant. He also guest starred in the NBC/Four Star series “The Sheriff of Cochise” with David Janssen.

He was born in Rochester, New York

Peter Breck was born in Rochester, New york and grew up in Massachusetts. His father was a jazz musician who traveled a lot and left him with his grandparents when he was young. Although his parents were very busy with their careers, they made time to raise their son. Peter spent most of his childhood in the home of his grandparents, where he was provided with everything he needed. Unfortunately, his parents separated when he was eight years old. Ultimately, they decided to split him with his brother, George.

He died in 2012

Canadian actor Peter Breck died in Vancouver on Feb. 6. He had been suffering from dementia. He was best known for his role as rancher Nick Barkley on the TV show “The Big Valley” in the 1960s. He also acted in several other films and television shows. He and his wife lived in Vancouver.

He was a character actor

Breck made his TV debut in 1956 in a short-lived western series called “Sheriff of Cochise.” He later starred in the short-lived western series “Black Saddle.” Breck was also known for his voice work. He has portrayed the character of Farmer Brown.

He earned $14 million

Peter Breck’s career started in the 1950s and continued into the 1960s, when he gained fame as hot-headed Nick Barkley, the ranch manager on the television show “The Big Valley.” He starred in several television shows and movies and earned $14 million during his career. His breakthrough role in “The Big Valley,” with Barbara Stanwyck, lasted until 1969. Afterward, Breck left Hollywood and settled in Vancouver. He started an acting school there. In his 20s, he had a son who died from leukemia.

He had a wife

Peter Breck’s wife was a dancer named Diana Bourne. He married her in 1960 and they had one son, Christopher. Unfortunately, Christopher died from leukemia in his early 20s. However, Peter Breck’s wife survived, and the couple later moved to Vancouver, Canada.

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