Per Angusta Ad Augusta Tattoo

Per Augusta Ad Augusta Tattoo

What links the Society of St Margaret, County Antrim in Northern Ireland, 218th Field Artillery Regiment of the US Army, and a tattoo parlour in Portland Oregon together? Per angusta ad augusta–through trials to victories.

True North is located in Augusta’s historic downtown district and features a high-end boutique filled with talented artists and an experienced professional piercing technician on staff. Their services range from old school, traditional Japanese portrait black and grey cover-up cover ups custom work. Open seven days a week.

Lucky Steven Tattoo is an elegant, full-service tattoo parlour with award winning tattooists. Their team has over nine years of experience and are known for producing quality work. Lucky Steven’s studio offers the latest and greatest technology and equipment; their most recent addition being an advanced piercing machine designed exclusively for use by their artists.

Best of all, this small shop provides personalized attention! They always strive to make customers feel like valued members of the family and never forget your name!

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