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What You Need to Know About Paul Virzi’s Net Worth

Whether you are an avid Paul Virzi fan, or simply curious about his net worth, you may be surprised to learn that he’s not worth as much as you think. He’s been named as one of the top social media influencers and has accumulated millions of followers throughout his career. This makes him a valuable asset to any business, as well as a great person to follow on Twitter.


Virzi is a talented comedian and television personality, as well as a writer, producer, and actor. He is also a social media influencer. His social networking profile features a wide range of pictures of himself and his family. He also shares his thoughts on a variety of topics in his popular podcast, The Virzi Effect.

He is a proud father to two children. He and his wife, Stacey Virzi, are both fans of the New York Giants, the New York Knicks, and the Yankees. They also like to go to One Twenty One in North Salem and Raci in Brewster.

Virzi was raised in a Christian household. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mother moved the family several times. Paul had his first experience with stand-up comedy in college. He started writing comedy punch lines at a young age. He began performing at comedy clubs during his college years.


Virzi’s new comedy special will be available to stream on Netflix. His most recent tour included a stint with Bill Burr. His standup is regularly featured on Sirius Satellite Radio. He is also the host of The Virzi Effect podcast. His new special will be a showcase for the best of the best in modern comedy.

Paul Virzi is one of the biggest names in modern standup comedy. He has been the opening act for Bill Burr for a while now. He has also done a number of tours with other luminaries. His latest special, The Virzi Effect, features the biggest laughs of any show he’s done onstage.

Paul Virzi is a fan of a good time. In fact, he’s not above a lightsaber duel with his kids. He lives in North Salem, NY with his wife Stacey and two kids, and is a huge fan of the Yankees, Knicks and Giants.

Family life

Whether you’re a fan of Paul Virzi’s one man show or his recent Netflix special, you have to admit that he’s doing something right. It’s not just the Virzi’s patented “nerd” dad jokes that keep people coming back for more. He’s also got a nice stage presence. Virzi is on the road this month performing in Texas and Oklahoma. He’s a regular opener for Bill Burr, and he recently appeared on the Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.

Virzi has a pretty good story to tell. He was introduced to stand-up comedy by his father, who took him to see Rodney Dangerfield perform live in New York City. He then embarked on the Manhattan comedy circuit. He started creating his own material when he was a bit older. Now he has two kids, a wife, and is working on his second special.

The most impressive thing about Virzi is that he has an almost supernatural ability to identify the best moments in a father’s life. He loves the “nerd” dad jokes, but also likes to take a light saber duel with his kids. He has a thriving family life, and he’s a committed fan of the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks.

Social media influencer status

Whether you are a fan of Paul Virzi’s comedy, or simply want to know more about this talented comedian, there are a few facts you need to know about him. Virzi is a stand-up comedian who performs in many comedy clubs across the country, and is also a writer and actor. He is currently shooting a television pilot. And on June 23, 2022, he will premiere his new stand-up comedy series on Netflix.

Born on November 11, 1978, in Westchester County, New York, Virzi was raised in a Christian household. As a child, he began writing comedy punch lines. He was interested in speaking in front of an audience at a young age, and became an avid stand-up comedian later on. He has performed at many famous comedy clubs in the United States and Europe. He has also performed on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, TruTV’s Comedy Knockout, and the SXSW Festival.

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