Patrick Mendes 90 Day Fiance Net Worth

What is Patrick Mendes’ Net Worth?

Besides being a weightlifting national champion, Patrick Mendes is also a famous actor on the reality television series “90 Day Fiance”. He starred as a fiancee on the show and has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Despite his success, Patrick has also been the subject of some controversies and speculation, including claims that he cheats on his wife.

Weightlifting national champion

Whether you’re watching 90 Day Fiance or not, you’ve probably seen Patrick Mendes. He’s a reality TV star and a heavy weight lifter. He was a top competitor in the weightlifting world and also a cast member on the show. He’s now engaged to a Brazilian girl. But what exactly is Patrick Mendes’ net worth?

Patrick Mendes is a 31-year-old American-Brazilian heavy weight lifter. He has competed in the World Championships in Paris, France, as well as the Pan Am Games in Mexico. In 2011 and 2012, he won two national championships. But Patrick was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for two years for using human growth hormone. He tested positive for the banned substance again at the 2015 Pan Am Games.


Besides being a star on 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes is a fitness guru. He owns an immaculate home in Austin, Texas, and is getting ready for the arrival of his fiancee from Brazil.

Patrick has a net worth of $500,000. But this figure is just estimates. He may or may not be worth a dime, but he certainly has a lot of fans. Luckily for him, his family has been living in the United States for quite some time. In fact, Patrick’s father’s family hails from Brazil.

Patrick Mendes is a fitness enthusiast who has traveled the world to get fit. He is also a fan of swimming. His wife filed for divorce in January 2020. He had to choose between her and his fiancee. But it’s clear that the two of them have hit it off.

Family details

Whether you’ve already watched the 90 Day Fiance, or just want to know more about this show, there are some family details of Patrick Mendes that you might not have known. His net worth is pretty healthy, and he has an Instagram account where he posts photos of his family and his activities.

Patrick Mendes’ family has a lot of Brazilian roots. In fact, his father is Brazilian. He is also a weightlifter, and worked in a pyramid scheme. He is also a former regional sales manager for Vivint Smart Homes. Patrick also has an educational background, which isn’t revealed.

Besides his weight lifting career, Patrick Mendes was also a professional salesman, working door-to-door in Texas. He was also a general manager for Vivint Smart Homes for nine years. He also sold home security systems. He made a lot of money during his time as a salesman. He was reportedly paid between $500 and $1,000 per episode.

90 Day Fiance controversies

During the show, there have been many controversial couples. Some have been accused of manipulating their partners and having bad behavior toward their children. In addition, there have been scandals and mishaps throughout the show.

One of the most notorious couples on the show has been Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko. They became infamous for their explosive arguments and manipulation tactics. They also had trouble with the law.

Other 90 Day Fiance couples have had issues with false promises. Some have been accused of editing scenes and having trouble with the law.

The newest cast member on the show, Steven, has been criticized for his bad behavior. His ex-girlfriend came forward to establish his bad behavior.

Steven has also been accused of domestic violence. He reportedly assaulted his wife, Cassia Tavares. He was placed under arrest, but refused to sign a sworn statement. He has since been divorced from his wife.

Thais Ramone

During the ninth season of 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone made a lot of waves. They were one of the most interesting couples to watch, and fans are still paying close attention to them.

Patrick Mendes was a weightlifter and he worked in the fitness industry. He has been on contract with Picnic and has worked at Vivint Smart Home as a regional sales manager. In his spare time, he also likes to go camping and hiking. Patrick has also been active on social media. He has a number of accounts, one of which is on TikTok. He also has an Instagram account.

Patrick and Thais met on a dating app and had a few dates. After a few weeks, they decided to move to Dallas. Patrick’s brother, John, lived at the same house for several years, but his drinking habits were a source of tension between the couple. He refused to adjust his drinking habits when the couple moved in.

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