Parenting Tips For Career Focused Parents

One of the best ways to transition from being a stay-at-home parent to a career-focused parent is to transfer the skills and experience you developed as a parent into job skills. To do this, you need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and how to showcase them to potential employers. You don’t want to undervalue your time as a parent; instead, you should be proud of it and be confident in sharing this experience.


According to a recent study, “parental support and career adaptability are associated with higher work-life balance and intrinsic fulfillment,” a study of parents and college students from China found. Specifically, parental engagement and support were positively related to career adaptability, and these parenting behaviors moderated the relationship between career adaptability and external compensation values. These findings have implications for career construction theory.

Listening To Others

As a parent, it’s important to remember that you don’t always know what your children are thinking. As such, it’s vital to listen to them and identify any issues before addressing them. Practicing mindfulness will help you listen more effectively to your child’s needs.

Setting Aside An Hour Each Day To Study

Setting aside an hour each day to study can have many benefits. It can help students focus on what they need to study and not get distracted by other activities. It also allows students to use unscheduled time to read ahead and preview material, saving them time later. If possible, try to keep unscheduled time for study separate from other activities such as email and social media.

Depending on the task, different times of the day are better than others. For example, some students are more alert in the morning, while others are more energized in the afternoon. Also, large projects can be intimidating, so it is important to break them into manageable chunks. For example, if an assignment consists of several sections, students can start by doing the first section.

Creating A Functional Resume

If you are a parent looking for a new career, you should use a functional resume. This type of resume should be concise and include your contact information. It should also include your education, employment history, and skills. Your technical skills should be prominently displayed, and you can break them up into subcategories. You can also use a resume summary to tie everything together.

In the professional experience section, highlight the skills and qualifications that relate to the job. If you haven’t completed a degree, make this section short. Instead of calling it your education, change the headline to Education and Training. Alternatively, you can take relevant skills upgrade courses at a local training center.

Avoiding Multitasking

According to Kayti McDaniel, a California-based clinical social worker and licensed psychotherapist, multitasking causes a host of physical and emotional symptoms, triggering the body’s stress response. Some of these symptoms include a pounding heart, muscle tension, chest pains, sweating, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

While multitasking can be helpful in some circumstances, it can also be extremely frustrating. Ineffective multitasking can leave you with less time and a drained brain. Instead, learn to prioritize your tasks and stay focused, so that you can do more in the same amount of time.

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