Papa Bear Car Wash

Papa Bear Car Wash

Papa Bear Car Wash is a community-driven carwash that is committed to building lasting relationships, a love for the community and a commitment of quality that knows no limits. They believe that these three components are the formula for success and believe that an inclusive culture is the foundation for sales and growth.

Papa Bear Car Wash can be found at 3436 Clemson Boulevard. Anderson, South Carolina, USA It offers a full-service car washes. It offers car detailing and a range of car wash services. The Papa Bear website features 51 customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Papa Bear offers both single washes and unlimited washes. They can automatically identify your vehicle using their license plate reader, which ensures that your car is properly cleaned. They also offer free vacuuming, drying cloths, and mat cleaners. They are comparable to the cleaning standards at Premier Car Wash and other franchise car wash chains.

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