Orthocincy Urgent Care

OrthoCincy Urgent Care

OrthoCincy is a leading provider of comprehensive orthopaedic care with an emphasis on thoroughness and efficiency. They have twelve locations throughout the tri-state region and employ 35 specialized physicians. Services provided by these clinics include orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and medical imaging. They are a convenient choice for patients who need a quick treatment and don’t want to wait days for an appointment.


OrthoCincy is a local orthopaedic authority, providing quality patient care and treatment with efficiency and thoroughness. It has 12 locations throughout the tri-state area and employs 35 specialized physicians. It provides a range of services, including medical imaging, physical therapy, and durable medical equipment.

Sports physicals

If you’re looking for a convenient place to get your sports physicals, OrthoCincy is the place to go. They specialize in orthopedics and provide thorough, effective treatment. This urgent care provider has 12 locations throughout the tri-state area and employs over 35 orthopaedic specialists. They also provide medical imaging, physical therapy, and durable medical equipment.

Telemedicine virtual video appointments

OrthoCincy urgent care telemedicine virtual video appointment technology is a convenient and secure alternative to in-person office visits. Patients can have a video consultation with a doctor or therapist in the comfort of their home.

Fellowship-trained physicians

OrthoCincy, a group practice specializing in orthopaedic care, recently opened its ninth location in Kenwood. This Cincinnati location has three physicians, including two fellowship-trained physicians, who specialize in the latest surgical techniques. They provide general orthopedic care, joint replacement/resurfacing, sports medicine, and spine evaluation and treatment. The practice also has two locations in Lawrenceburg. They accept walk-in patients and new patient appointments.

Open most days of the week

If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or other urgent medical condition, OrthoCincy urgent care centers are the answer. They are open most days of the week and are available to provide immediate treatment. Whether you are in need of a general physician or a physical therapist, they can help you feel better.


If you’re in need of urgent care or an orthopedic evaluation, OrthoCincy is a trusted local name for a comprehensive, high-quality orthopaedic experience. With 12 locations across the tri-state area and 35 specialized physicians, you can expect fast and thorough treatment for your condition. The practice offers a variety of services from physical therapy and medical imaging to durable medical equipment.

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