Orbit Baby Car Seat

Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Review

The Orbit Baby G2 infant car seat has been replaced by the Orbit Baby G3. It has a similar design and specifications to the Orbit Baby G2 car seat, but a slightly different look. Jonathan, Orbit Baby’s customer support rep, is available to answer your questions and schedule one-on-one chats with you to help you find the perfect travel system for your child. Jonathan has been called “game-changing,” “magical,” “Rolls Royce” and “the Rolls Royce of car seat sales.”

The Orbit Baby car seat features a sunshade that can be removed for cleaning without removing the restraint. The sunshade is easily removed by pulling through the sunshade buckle in the upholstery and cleaning the sunshade with a damp sponge and mild soap. Do not machine wash the sunshade.

Another benefit of the Orbit Baby is its unique rear facing only design. It’s also recommended for babies of low birth weights, and comes with a fit kit for infants that weigh less than 20 pounds. Unfortunately, Little wasn’t able to fit into one when she was born, so we had to look elsewhere.

A recent report by the Ecology Center found that Orbit baby car seats contain trace amounts of the harmful flame retardant chemical tris. Tris is a chemical known to cause cancer, and is listed as a carcinogen in California. The Orbit website claims its foam doesn’t contain any of these chemicals.

The Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat can also be used in aircraft without the Orbit base. It can also be used with a G5 stroller frame. A safety belt is also required to install this seat. The Orbit Baby car seat also has an optional base, which makes it easier to convert to a G5 car seat.

The Orbit is simple to install. The manufacturer claims that the seat is safer because it has a deep seat. However, crash tests have not been conducted to verify this claim. Although the Orbit provides adequate protection against a crash we didn’t find it to be as stable or reliable as the other options. The belt lock-off mechanism is a bit tricky to use, but it is more convenient than most competing approaches.

You can also install the Orbit Baby with the base in a matter of minutes. Installation is simple, but it requires practice. After installing the seat, you can turn it to rear facing by pushing it into the hub. If you don’t do this, you’ll get a red indicator. This is a good habit to do before you drive with your child in the car.

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