Nsr Slot Cars

NSR Slot Cars

NSR slot cars are among the best ready-to-race slot cars in the market. They are fitted with top quality tuning parts. They are also very competitive in the price range. However, you must take care while buying these cars. You must take into account their design and features before making your decision.


The NSR slot cars are high-performance, 1/32 scale cars that are designed for competition right out of the box. These cars are made in Italy and offer exceptional handling on all types of professional slot car tracks. They come in a variety of configurations, including sidewinder, inline, and anglewinder motor mounts.

The NSR cars feature a variety of top-quality parts and components. They feature a solid motor pod and brass bushings, as well as soft wires for a smooth, reliable ride. The cars are powered by a durable Shark motor with an 11-tooth brass pinion. They also feature true axles and a set screw 32-tooth aluminum gear.


NSR slot cars are high-performance, 1/32 scale replicas of real race cars. Made in Italy, they offer a great balance of performance and handling, making them competitive straight out of the box. NSR also offers a variety of chassis configurations, including anglewinder, sidewinder, and inline motor mounts, so that you can customize your model to suit your preferences.

NSR slot cars are ready for competitive racing, and these cars are equipped with the highest-quality tuning parts. These are the best ready-to-race slot cars available.


The NSR slot car line combines excellent quality with aggressive lines and massive performance for the 1/32 scale. These cars are made in Italy and have a variety of chassis configurations to accommodate varying track conditions. The company also offers a catalog that includes many different parts. The NSR slot car community is close-knit and has a wide variety of customization options.

NSR has a small factory in Italy that produces their slot cars. Founded by slot car racing champion Salvatore Noviello in 2010, the NSR factory focuses on providing high quality components to slot car racers. This quality ensures that their models are competitive right out of the box. These cars are frontrunners in national and local competitions.


NSR is an Italian manufacturer of slot cars. The factory opened in 2010 and the company’s slot cars are designed and manufactured in Italy. The company was founded by Salvatore Noviello, who has been a slot car racer since 1997. The company’s goal is to create slot cars that are competitive right out of the box. These cars feature high quality components as standard. They are popular among racers in local clubs and national competitions.

NSR offers a range of high-performance 1:32 slot cars designed for competition straight out of the box. They are made in Italy and have excellent handling on all types of professional slot car tracks. They are available in various chassis configurations and with either sidewinder, anglewinder or inline motor mounts.


The NSR brand has built a name in the slot car racing world with their high-performance models. These cars are equipped with the best tuning parts, making them an excellent choice for competitive racing. The Italian company opened its own factory in 2010, where they design and manufacture their models. Founder Salvatore Noviello is a former slot car racing champion and started NSR to provide high-quality parts for slot car racers. The NSR line of cars is built for performance, so that competitors can win competitions at local clubs and national events.

NSR has an extensive catalog of slot car models for both novice and professional drivers. Its factory in Italy features over one thousand square meters of floor space. The facility is a modern work environment with a solar power system that generates 100,000 KW of green energy each year.

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