No Jumper Net Worth

No Jumper Net Worth Revealed

No Jumper is a YouTube channel and podcast that has interviewed many hip hop artists and tastemakers. It has over 1 million subscribers. However, few people know how much No Jumper actually makes. The net worth of No Jumper is estimated to be around $2 million. The real value of No Jumper is revealed from public records.

The creator of No Jumper is Adam Grandmaison. He was born on November 24, 1983 in Nashua, New Hampshire. His father is Philip J. Grandmaison, a close friend of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In 1996, his father was convicted of voter mail fraud. Then, the family received a pardon from Clinton. Since then, Adam has enjoyed a career as a musician, record producer, BMX rider, podcaster, and pop culture journalist.

He started his career as an avid BMX biker. He also had a lot of interest in hip hop music. As a result, he founded the BMX website “The Come Up”. This became a popular BMX site, which eventually led to him opening his own BMX clothing line, OnSomeShit, in Los Angeles. Despite his interest in BMX bikes, Adam prefers a modest lifestyle.

Before he became a podcaster and YouTube star, Adam was a rapper. He was also a record producer and a hip hop entrepreneur. He has a studio on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. He has also worked with many famous singers and rappers. He has appeared in many movies and television shows. His music is known for its powerful vocals and melodic songs.

No Jumper started in 2011 as a blog on Tumblr. The show featured interviews with up and coming hip hop artists. In 2017, Adam launched his own self-titled vlogging channel. He has since generated over 12 million views.

He has also hosted several play-for-pay streams. These live streams are a valuable service for up and coming rappers. For example, XXXTentacion was the first artist to be interviewed for the show. His interview was so successful that it got viral within the hip hop community. He has also hosted Juice WRLD and Lil Peep.

He has a large number of employees. He is currently dating vlogger Lena Nersesian. He also owns a house in the United States. In addition to his own No Jumper channel, he is also affiliated with several other YouTube channels. No Jumper has over 197 million video views on YouTube. This translates into a total advertising revenue of nearly $4.15 million, based on his popularity.

The No Jumper YouTube channel features exclusive interviews with up and coming hip hop artists. Some of the artists that have been interviewed include Charlagne tha God, Action Bronson, and KSI. He has also featured interviews with rappers like Juice WRLD, Lil Yachty, and Lil Pump.

Grandmaison’s interviews have been viewed by over one million people. He has interviewed a number of rappers, actors, and other musicians. He has also interviewed music critics, fashion designers, and other industry executives.

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