Nintendo Switch Car Mount

Keep Your Switch Safe on the Road With a Nintendo Switch Car Mount

The Nintendo Switch car mount is an accessory that can help you keep your Switch safe while you are on the road. It features a pair of clamps that are padded with anti-scratch silicone. Its 360-degree hinge allows you to adjust the angle of the mount for either vertical or horizontal positioning.


When shopping for a Nintendo Switch car mount, you’ll find a variety of different features. You may not need every one of them, but you should still pay attention to the features that can be of the most use to you. Also, you’ll want to consider whether these features are worth the additional cost. Alternatively, you may be able to find a cheaper option that still comes with the features that you need.

Some car mounts will include a hook-and-loop system, which allows you to attach your Nintendo Switch to the back of the headrest. Others will have adjustable arms for better gaming angles. Decide which features are most important to you before you start shopping. Some popular car mounts include the PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock, HORI Compact PlayStand, and the Nyko Kick Stand.


One of the best ways to keep your Switch safe in your car is to install a Nintendo Switch car mount. These mounts support your console from two sides. As such, you don’t need to worry about any potential scratches or damage to the touchscreen. Another benefit of these mounts is that they have a 360-degree hinge, which means you can adjust the angle of your device, whether it’s horizontal or vertical.

One type of mount attaches to the headrest of the front seats. It is easy to install. It has rubber grippers that grip the metal bars on the headrest. It is also designed with a locking plate, which secures your Nintendo Switch. This means that it won’t fall off when you’re driving.


If you’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch car mount, you may be wondering if the warranty applies. While Nintendo does provide a limited warranty for the hardware and software, the warranty does not cover any accessories or products that are not sold by Nintendo. This includes adapters, software, and power supplies. The warranty is void if the product is used commercially or if it’s been damaged by accident or intentional modification.

The warranty on Nintendo products is usually limited to 12 months or three months. This warranty does not cover hardware component damage caused by third-party accessories, but it does cover the cost of repairing or replacing a defective unit. To qualify for a warranty, you must be the original purchaser and register the date of purchase at the point of sale. It will also be necessary for you to prove to Nintendo that you bought the product within the last twelve months.

45-day no-questions-asked guarantee

The FYOUNG Nintendo Switch car mount features a silicone pad that protects the Switch’s headrest. This helps keep the device from falling out of the car’s headrest and prevents bouncing. It also offers 360-degree rotation for the best viewing angle. This mount is covered by a 45-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

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