Nik Richie Net Worth

Nik Richie Net Worth

Whether you’re a fan of Nik Richie or not, it’s interesting to learn about his personal and career life. For instance, did you know that he had a divorce from his wife? What about his social media accounts?

Personal life

During his time on the job at a credit card processor in Scottsdale, Arizona, Richie started his own web site called the Dirty. While this was not a full time gig, it did provide him with a few quid. In the early days of the site, Richie was the first to get into the club scene as a single man. He has since branched out into a few more hedonistic enterprises. He recently teamed up with O.J. Simpson to party it up with some of Hollywood’s finest.

Richie has also been partying with Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban and nightlife guru Dave Grutman. In addition to the aforementioned, he has also gotten into the act of tagging along with celebrity pals such as Lindsay Lohan, the former cast member of “The Bachelor” and a handful of other A-listers.


Until a few years ago, Nik Richie was not an overnight success. However, he has forged his own path and has risen to the top of the social media sphere. This is reflected in his increasing net worth over the next few years.

While Richie is probably not the first to launch a website that allows users to share their latest photos, he has done it in style. His website, Dirty Scottsdale, bills itself as “the world’s first ever reality blog”.

Richie has not yet disclosed his income, but he is known to spend his money on a lot of social media. He also spends a lot of time partying with fellow celebrities such as O.J. Simpson and Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban. So he certainly has a lot of cash to burn. He has not yet been named a billionaire, but his net worth is expected to increase over the next few years.

Social media accounts

Unlike many Internet celebrities, Nik Richie’s income isn’t really derived from his social media accounts. Instead, his basic income comes from his work as a pop culture-driven media personality. He makes enough to buy a $130,000 engagement ring and employ four people. However, Richie has avoided revealing his income.

Richie and his media company, Richie Media Corporation, are in the process of launching CELEB Magazine, a publication that will focus on popular culture. The magazine will be a supplement to Richie’s social media and podcasts. CELEB Magazine’s goals are high.

Richie and his media company are planning to launch a social network called the “Dirty Army” that will be available to members for $9.95 a month. The website is currently in beta. The goal is to launch a membership service with 4,000 members.

Online bullying and gossip

Several media outlets have reported on the ongoing controversy surrounding online bullying and gossip about Nik Richie. Richie, an internet personality, has been accused of posting gossip without verifying whether it is true. He has been criticized for promoting sexism and racism.

Nik Richie’s website, The Dirty, has been called a gossip-blog. It allows users to anonymously post anonymous comments about celebrities, athletes, politicians and other people. Some people have accused the website of cyber bullying.

Richie’s website has a reputation for provoking scandals, including an incident with Vine star Kendra Olesen. The 23-year-old mom of two from Saskatchewan, Canada, was involved in a story about The Dirty. She reported her story to the CBC. Then the CBC and the CBC’s parent company, CBC/Radio Canada, became involved.

Divorce from his wife

‘Bachelor’ winner Shayne Lamas and media mogul Nik Richie have announced that they are going their separate ways after 11 years of marriage. Although they share two children together, Shayne and Nik will “treasure” the years they have spent together.

After a few months of engagement, Richie and Lamas decided to go through with the wedding. On their wedding day, they went to Vanity nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel in Sin City.

In a statement, Shayne said she met Nik in a moment of weakness and agreed to marry him the next day. She said she had “a great synopsis of an epic situation” that involved Nik and the “Bachelor” winner.

When they divorced, the former couple had to pay the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai EUR 550 million. The couple also had to pay spousal support of $100,000 per month.

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