Nick Stanczyk Net Worth

Nick Stanczyk Net Worth

Having a net worth of one million dollars, Nick Stanczyk is one of the richest fishermen in the world. Known for his expertise in swordfishing, Stanczyk is also a father and a passionate fisherman.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk’s fishing career

Currently, the hottest swordfish skipper in the Florida Keys is none other than Nick Stanczyk of Broad Minded Sportfishing. This charter company’s flagship vessel is a 37-foot Freeman, and the owner has a knack for catching big fish. He’s also one of the most qualified in the business, having spent 42 years as a marina owner and operator, making him a true jack of all trades.

In addition to swordfish, Nick also likes to catch the smaller species of fish. During his fishing career, he’s been lucky enough to catch such critters as wahoo, amberjack, and tuna. He also has a daughter who grew up fishing along with her dad. Nick also runs a charter company out of Bud ‘N Mary’s Marina in Islamorada.

While the name of the ship might ring a bell, it’s the fish that he caught that’s worthy of the accolades. Nick’s fanciest swordfish is a hefty 757 pounds, and he says it was a’real thumper’.

His passion for swordfishing

Known as one of the biggest names in the sport fishing industry, Captain Nick Stanczyk has made swordfishing his life’s work. He’s been on television and in magazines, and is a pioneer in the daytime swordfishing movement in the U.S. He’s also made a name for himself on social media, with over 99,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Stanczyk started fishing with his father and uncle. After college, Stanczyk wanted to follow his passion for fishing. He went to work for Miami CPA, and eventually, graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Miami. He later merged his coat and tie business experience into a charter business. But he still fished every chance he got.

Stanczyk’s passion for swordfishing turned him into an icon of offshore fishing. He’s released more swordfish than anyone in the U.S. and ties for first place in the Atlantic Ocean’s most swordfish tagged in 2018. In addition to fishing, Stanczyk runs a charter business called Broad Minded. He shares his impressive catches on social media, and has been featured in numerous television shows and magazines. He also has a show on the Weather Channel.

His father

tidily enough, there is more than one Nick Stanczyk. As with most of his clan, he is a hands on kind of guy, and the aforementioned jux is not his favorite trait, making him the perfect man for the office if you will pardon the expression. Having said that, he is probably the most well rounded of the bunch. On a more personal note, Nick has been a big time poker enthusiast at heart since his college days. As such, his love of poker has spilled over to his marriage. Fortunately for the Stanczyks, his wife is on board for the duration.

He enjoys fishing with his children

During the college years, Stanczyk ran charters for fishermen. He later earned a captain’s license. He spent two years traveling, working on boats in the Bahamas and Bermuda. He has caught swordfish up to 800 pounds. He has also targeted tiger sharks and amberjacks. He has been a part of the PELAGIC Pro Team for the last seven years.

He and his family have a proprietary fleet. The fleet includes a 54-foot Blackwell Carolina sportfisherman, a Freeman 37, and a Crusader B n’ M. They have also launched a lobster charter. The Stanczyks have also been finalists in National Geographic contests.

Stanczyk’s son, Max, used to fish with his uncle, Nick, when he was a teen. Now Max plans to follow in his uncle’s footsteps as a guide.

Stanczyk is an avid fisherman who has landed swordfish of up to 800 pounds. He has also targeted amberjack, tiger sharks, wahoo and tarpon. His clients have caught an average of 1.5 tarpon on a trip.

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